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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Baxter55, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. I'm growing three white ladies that I bought from seeds direct. I plan to send them into flower when they are about 15 inches tall. Could somone give me a rough estimate on the amount of bud one plant can produce? I know variables like CO2, light, and medium all play a part. My plants are in my closet with no added CO2, I water them every day and fertalize them every 4 days, and they have enough light (about 2400 lumens).
  2. maybe 24grams per plant
  3. You might get a bit more than that if you can really wait till they are 15 inches before flowering. One way to find out !.
    Good luck.
  4. you should get a 400 watt HPS with 50,000 lumens if you really want them to flower. You don't need C02..just hang out with them and breath on them and plenty of air circulation
  5. yea what froggy said, expect about an ounce per plant of dry weight
  6. if ur lucky u will get a good ounce...but after everything is said and done...on a decent grow to a realtive newbie...i wouldnt plan on more than 21 grams. hope its more and u send me a sample :)

  7. It'll most likely be less than that if you stick with only 2400 lumens throughout the entire grow.
  8. i got 2 girls who r allready starting get covered in white hais everwhere under a 400 watt hps one is about 2 feet wide and the other is about a foot wide and one is almost 3 feet tall the other is 2 an a half feet how much bud do u think i can get off them when there done and dried they r extreamly bushy and have lots and lots and lots of braches
  9. What type of strain are you growing and how far into flowering are you?
  10. im not tottaly sure of the strain but i think one is indica and one is sativa im about 2 weeks into flowering now and they r looking great i would just like to get an estement on the yeild
    thank you

  11. I'm not very good at estimating the yield of plants I can't see so a pic would help. Have you thought about pruning some of the lower branches so that growth is more concentrated toward the upper colas? Now would be a great time to do that and if you do I'd expect about 50 grams per plant.
  12. so where should prune should cut off braches or shade leaves?the lower braches on the plants r almost as tall as the plant itself and they r covered in white hairs
  13. Only cut what you feel is necessary now, only the lowermost branches and it's really up to you. After a few weeks in flowering I tend to cut any lower growth that is slowed and very few fan leaves that are blocking the buds from the HPS.
  14. ok thx for the info man i think i will take off a few lower branches that arnt growing as fast as the others
    thx again

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