Yeeaahhhhhh Wuuu-taannnggg!

Discussion in 'General' started by Romain, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. RockTheBells festival at Randel Island, NYC Saturdayyy, leavin tomorrow morning it's gonna be fuckin crazzyyyy!!

    "ROCK THE BELLS, one of the brightest hip-hop music festivals in the country, is set to return this summer on Saturday, August 5 at the </B>NOS Events Center in San Bernardino in Southern California</B>. This year's massive line-up features the return performance from the Wu-Tang Clan featuring a tribute to ODB, whose final performance with the Clan became legendary two years ago on the ROCK THE BELLS stage and was well documented in the film of the same name. The rest of the line-up is a dream billing with Mos Def , Taib Kweli, Redman, De La Soul, Aesop Rock, Living Legends, DEL The Funky Homosapien, Immortal Technique, MURS 3:16, Visionaries, Self Scientific and Planet Asia, plus more acts to be announced. An additional show in Northern California is also confirmed for Sunday, August 6 with details to follow at a later date. In addition to over 30 of the most respected and highly skilled emcees ever gathered for one stage, this year's ROCK THE BELLS will also showcase a spectacular B-Boy stage, live art presentations, championship-caliber turntablist and emcee battles. A special 20-minute sneak preview of the Rock The Bells feature documentary film of the 2004 show-unveiled at the most recent Tribeca Film Festival--will be shown before it hits theaters later this year. Keeping true to tradition, Rock The Bells will feature surprise live performances. If that wasn't enough, Supernatural will be attempting to break The Guinness Book of World Records for Longest Freestyle Rap of 8 hours and 45 minutes currently held by Canadian rapper, D.O. Spearheaded by festival founder and organizer Chang Weisberg of Guerilla Union, Rock The Bells continues as an ambitious undertaking inspired by a lack of quality hip-hop events and tours in the concert industry today. "This year's show will be the greatest gathering of lyricists I can imagine. We will deliver thirty of the most brilliant and gifted emcees ever assembled to celebrate hip-hop's diverse and eclectic culture," says Weisberg. "Rock The Bells has become the ultimate platform of integrity for conscious, hardcore, and independent music and we are excited for the fans who have made this their annual destination year after year. I can honestly say that our fans will witness something that will never happen again…this year's surprise performances will be talked about for many years to come." Rock The Bells will also hit the road after its California festival run and tour clubs all across North America this fall with plans for Europe and Japan in the winter."

    I'll be there gettin hhiigghh!! :smoke:
  2. I'll totally be there too
    Rage+Wu-tang = sex
  3. wu tang clan aint nothin to fuck with!!!!

    I'll be there as well, with my sour diesel :)
  4. ill be there
  5. I'm going to the chicago date, VIP tickets.
  6. i doubt they all show up, somebody is always missing either ghostface or rza or reakwon they always fuck up
  7. Wel i hope you have a great time dude, but just to let you know Saturday is Aug 4 NOT 5.

    i would know Cuz the 5th is my boifday.

    HAve fun though!

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