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Year round growing?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Andrew62, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. I live in south Florida where there really aren't any seasons its usally always in the high 90s and the lowest it gets in the winter is the mid 70s. So does this mean I could grow year round? Need some input here,thanks.
  2. The simple answer is no you cant. Cannabis is a short day plant, it only flowering the fall, winter. But if you had a light inside vegging then you could put them outside to flower. That would work.
  3. not always true. it really depends on the strain, if you where to grow a ruderalis strain you could grow year round with ease.
  4. This is so wrong its not funny. Cannabis can be grown year round if the climate is suitable. During the winter months the plants wont get nearly as large because they will start flowering when they reach sexual maturity. The spread of bad information is bad for those that dont know any better so please dont post if you dont know the answer.

    To the OP: yes you can grow year round in your locale. I would veg plants indoors for a few weeks before you put them out during the fall/winter months so they have a decent size to them when they start flowering.
  5. I am in South Florida and begining my seeds right now. I am going to veg insided and then move outdoors.

    I am not going to keep them inside long and I hope they get some size to them as they flower. We'll see.
  6. Dont listen to the amateur growers or those so called professionals that claim you cant keep a plant alive for more than 1 grow. THAT IS BULLSHIT!! i have 3 plants outdoors over 4 years old and all u have to do is keep your plant watered and leave a few leaves ( believe me i had a plant that looked like sticks and it grew back and rebudded in the same year)

    Just take care of your plants
  7. we grow year round....
    and i seen 12ft+ plants grow in makena
    swear to god :smoking:
  8. forsure, Haze plants (the purest sativa) grow massive! the can take 3 months to flower... you can definitely get a year round cycle going with a haze plant. try some super silver haze... let us know how it works!

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