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  1. No one seems to do year round grow in these forums. I'm SoCal, can't I just keep going, cloning, harvesting, put clones into containers just harvested (fresh soil) and so on. NO LIGHT SUPPLEMENTATION suggestions please. I'm OUTDOOR NATURAL. (White Widow as well) Anyone out there do this??
  2. You can, but if you want medical quality herbs you need to be in greenhouses even in socal for a 1/3 of the year. However if you are just looking for personal smoke, absolutely you can grow all year round. I do it often in nor cal and some years I get away with it, some years they freeze.
  3. I do year around, but I am in hawaii.
  4. You will need to figure out your sun schedule and switch between autos and photos.
  5. Are you going to try to keep a particular crop growing year round or consecutive grows throughout the year?
  6. wanted to keep my white widow going. have half a dozen clones growing now. Had to harvest some flowers off the clones. I'm hoping they will re-veg soon.
  7. same crop to save on buying new seeds.
  8. Check out brassnwood. He grows here in So. Cal. year round. Long Beach I believe. As long as your area doesn't freeze you can do it.
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