Year 12 Oral Presentation: Legalisation.

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  1. Well for the last year of school, we had to do an English opinion piece Oral on a news article from recent times (within the last year). It was assessed and works towards our end of year score.

    Everyone chose really random topics, alot of people did the bushfires that happened over here and so forth. I chose Michael Phelps and the Legalisation of Marijuana. At first I was going to do it just in Australia, but couldn't find enough information, so I did it mainly based on the American situation.

    Alot of people thought I was stupid and they wouldn't take me seriously, but I went in there, cut HEAPS of it out while I was reciting it (it had to be 5 minutes) and was told it was the most compelling and best oral they had seen all day and one teacher even added another medicinal cannabis finding hahaha.

    This is the draft I handed in incase anyone is interested, it covers hemp, medicine and the recreation use, confronting many common claims with common sense and scientific evidence.

    The information was gathered from many resources, but mainly 'Marijuana: A new look at scientific evidence' and the MPP library helped alot too.

    Its a fair read but is well worth it. It helped persuade many peers to appreciate my use of cannabis.

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  2. Wow. I just read that entire thing dude. You got me sucked into it somehow, lol.

    I give you mad props on that paper. +rep :hello:
  3. Great job!!

    One other statistic you could've added is the daily murders that would cease when marijuana is legalized.

    The cartels killed more than 6,000 people last year in order to protect their cash flow from selling drugs into the U.S. They've killed another 2,600 so far this year and continue to kill more every day.

    The ONDCP here in the United States estimates 60 - 70% of the cartels' income comes from marijuana sales alone. When marijuana is legalized that income will be eliminated. That will remove the very thing they're killing to protect and take from them the cash they need to commit these murders. It'll also eliminate the money they use to corrupt the government and police. Currently half of the $10 billion they receive annually from selling drugs into the U.S. is used to corrupt government and police. Officials who refuse to accept the enormous sums of money offered by the cartels are brutally murdered.

    GL in Australia! It was the brutality of Al Capone and the other gangsters that made people demand an end to the alcohol prohibition in 1933, and it's the brutality of the cartels that we should be focusing on to get people to demand an end to the marijuana prohibition in 2009.
  4. I'm really liking that a lot of people are doing these presentations in school, it gets a lot of peers and teacher thinking, and open up a time for them to talk about it with each other.

    I would also dare to say that kids will actually pay attention, I mean I remember listening to presentation after presentation, "This my report on Abe Lincoln, Ben Franklin, The Civil War"

    If someone said this is my presentation on "The Legalization of Marijuana" I think a lot of heads will raise up from the desk.

    Good work!
  5. Yeah there were so many things I could have added and unfortunately to cut it down from 15 minutes long I had to cut out alot of the history and some of the crime figures. I looked at what these teachers and the public really put forward against it first, such as the gateway and schizophrenia.

    The best part was that the teachers never said anything to anyone about their orals after they were done, but mine was towards the end of the day and when I finish one of the teachers goes. 'And you know another new finding? They found that some stroke victims could have reduced their risk of the stroke with marijuana' or something like that. I told her there was so much I had to cut out, and she said that I could do it infront of a major audience and convince them.

    Your completely right! The weeks leading up to it, everytime someone found out their reaction was always 'Are you serious? Oh my god' and taking notice. A few said I was stupid and wouldn't be taken seriously, but then I showed some people that draft and they were really taken aback by it. By the next day after I did it, kids were already coming up and saying I heard your weed oral was awesome and stuff.

    I personally think that I wasn't just doing a presentation on something, but I was genuinely trying to spread the truth to the teachers who were watching.

    Thanks for the good responses. It really summarises most arguments for legalisation.
  6. Alright great news. We got our marks back, I got 20/20 ! The only person to get it aswell. They jotted down notes such as 'good pronunciation of names' and 'good flow through points' and 'touches on every rebuttal - not sure about racism though'.

    Yeah I think it was cause I didn't do it just to do an english oral, but to really preach what I believe and want them to see lol.

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