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Yeah you love MJ but what do you hate about it ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by djdecrem2020, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. You read the title. We all have a special relationship with the herb, and we all have much love for it. But theres gotta be something you hate... What about smoking do you hate? cleaning your bong? when the smoke in your bong is too hot? how fragile most glass is? certain strains get you too tired? What about the culture or the technical aspect of smoking pisses you off or is annoying? What would you like to see 5 years from now that would help your life?

    what about the plant dont you like or Whats a problem pertaining to weed that you wish somebody could find a way to fix?
  2. @djdecrem2020
    We all hate the same thing
    But it's all part and parcel of the plants and the culture so we trim till our hands cramp take 5 and get back to it.
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  3. Tolerance
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  4. Cannabis leaf branded clothes
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  5. Send it all over to me, trimming and tv is one ofmy favorite things to do. I wish I could eliminate resin build up in bongs, I hate a resin. Also the negative stigma that still lingers around Cannabis even after legalization :laughing:
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  6. Cotton mouth and the depression of not having any weed.
  7. Tolerance
    Have transitioned over the last couple of years to concentrates and have noticed that a joint does very little now days..

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  8. All the bullshit you sometimes gotta endure just to obtain it.
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  9. Its legality status across the majority of the US.

    Much love to the poor souls who have to hustle to obtain theirs. Illegal states fail majorly in that regard.
  10. Agreed... some people have several plants in their house legally and I am a felon on record forever for a weed charge... hard to get an apartment or job because I had some weed

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  11. Consuming it in general.

    I like smoking it but eventually it starts to become painful after continually ripping the bong due to high tolerance

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  12. The old stereotypes that cannabis users are good for nothing stoner slackers.
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  13. That sucks.

    I've never been popped for weed but I've recently thought a lot about how utterly shitty it is that some people have substantial criminal records, for something I enjoy legally in my state every single day. Very unfair.

    It wouldn't surprise me, as more and more states legalize it, that some retrogressive provision will be put in place, that allows old weed-related crimes to be completely expunged from record.
    Obviously, nothing like letting drug dealing killers walk back out on the street, but citizens who got convictions for personal use or minor sale should see their records cleared of those charges.
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  14. Tolerance, the act of getting cannabis and how much of a hassle it can be, and cleaning my pieces.
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  15. the sketchy people who have greedily tried to own cannabis! cannabis is not Your Bitch Asshole!
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  16. How long it takes to clear out of your system for UA tests..(work related)
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  17. The thing I hate the most is that it speeds up your heart (I had surgery so if it didn't it would be the perfect drug for me), also maybe tolerance but I do not smoke often

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  18. Really..try trimming GG#4 or a phoeno..You better have tons of ISO and a few pair of trimming shears..So sticky you can't believe it!!
  19. The munchies. I try to think of something else or not have food in the house but I always end up making like poptart sandwiches or some shit.
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