yeah yeah i have aquestion for GC

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.bubbles, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. :wave: hell o hell is everyone doing? i am actually wondering how many of you would stick up for me?:p im just bored and im wondering..straight up tell me..if you dont like me tell me shit i dont care:hello:
  2. que? con qeso?
  3. dude i got your back man
  4. thank bro..i just feel sad today..i dont nknow why think no one likes me on here..iu dont know why
  5. ^^i'll be straight up...i feel the same way a lot. i know it sucks to be lonely.
  6. Shit bubbles, I think almost everybody gotchu on here bro.

    I know i gotchu.
  7. thanks KSR i know we cool you my *****
  8. i have no beafs anywhere with anyone, that includes you too.

    edit: i am awsome at ending threads.
  9. You know you always his this Anus to fall back onto... :)
  10. I'd stick up for you Bubbly Wubbly!!! :D

    (Unless you were realllllllly bad and I had to pull out my Admin paddle!)

  11. OSNAP!! Hide! :bolt:

    Im up for ya bubs.
  12. thanks rummy i know you hate pulling out that paddle..but we have only got into one arguement? but anyways i love you guys
  13. yea man, we're here for you. whats making you feel so bad today?
  14. i dont know..wierd feelings
  15. Its called sobriety. :p Now, go blaze one for us, and I shall for you. :hello::smoking:
  16. I havent smoked today and my muscles feel all tingly and useless. And my eyes feel real droopy. Maybe I should purchase some marijuana soon
  17. Yeah i got yer back bro.
  18. I fucking hate you, you piece of white trash.

    Kiddin, Bubbles is the man.
  19. i cant smoke..drug test..thank you guys i hate you too man ^^^^
  20. You're the man Bubbs!

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