Yeah, pothead could be most populer guy in school...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 0penMind, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Potheads could be most populer guy in school....

    Like, if the hottests girl in school found the smell arouma of weed to turn them on, like its some sort of italian bodybuilder or something but were potheads and there like all over us and were like populer as fuck and always stoned and shit. haha dude im high as fuck right now whazz uuuahhhhh??!!?! :smoke:
  2. [ame=]YouTube - Smokin' Weed[/ame]
  3. When i Was In H.S. Girls Loved The Smell Of Weed Mixed With A Little
    Cologne...That shit was the best smell ever
  4. Dude did you just keep making the same thread until someone responded?
  5. Foreal...OP Made This Thread Before:confused:
  6. As if this thread already isn't horrible enough, you decided to post it three times.
  7. I've been lookin for tha for a while today, aha.
  8. If are still trying to be "popular" go back to 6th grade with all the other little kids. "popular" means nothing unless you are a little kid when that shit matters to you
  9. lol hes like i smoke weed ehtryday!
  10. back when i was in high school, best all around was a huge druggie did like shrooms and smoked a bunch. But he was involved in so many activity's he got the votes from everyone.
  11. none of my friends like weed :-\
  12. Hes smoking that "I-have-a-really-cool-thing-to-say-everyone-listen-to-me" weed.
  13. riveting tale chap
  14. Best all around what? And voting for what?

    Anyways, are you the guy who thought that the milkman was someone trying to kill your neighbor so you hid in your bush with a gun?

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