yeah! LSU wins!

Discussion in 'General' started by nugrugger_09, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. I'm gonna say that I am a hardcore Texas Longhorns fan, hell I bleed burnt orange. But seeing those damn Dukies, no offense to any Blue Devils in the city, fall to LSU was just glorious. Now that Duke is gone, I'm feeling much more confident about Texas' chances to get to the 'Ship. I don't just hate Duke bacause of the the beating they gave Texas earlier this season, I've hated them forever. I only truly hate 3 sports teams, the Duke Blue Devils (mens b-ball), The New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Lakers, and I always feel a little happier when they lose.
  2. hell yea fuck duke. course i am a lil biased ;)
  3. Fuck you, Marcus!

    -Antwan L.
  4. Godamnit Antwan! You're literally sitting right behind me, don't curse me out on the forum. Besides your just pissed that... LSU WON! ahhahahahahahahaha! LOL! I bet that just grinds your gears doesn't it!? Whoo-hoo, go LSU! At least until they play Texas that is.
  5. WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO.... that is the best news i've heard all day

    nug, how in the hell did you end up with negative rep

    and antwan, does your sig banner refer to a lyric from an incubus song?
  6. I don't know, I just don't know. It's a mystery. But I've had it for a while, and it kind of sucks.
  7. why don't you click on "user cp" at the top of the screen... find out who did it
  8. Okay, nobody left a name, but I got 3 bad rep clicks, one person didn't agree with my personal politics I guess in the Overgrow Busted thread in General, one person got mad I guess when I said that smoking after having wisdom teeth removed was a bad idea due to dry socket in the smoking within 4 hours... thread in Recreational, and someone else I guess got mad that I made a joke in the random word game thread in Pandora's box.

    Edit: Good news is that I have 7 good rep clicks... wait, how does that work out? Are -rep "worth" more that +rep?
  9. wow i forgot they were on 2nite...

    anyway bc's on 2morro... GO BOSTON COLLEGE!!! dont mess wit CRAIG SMITH

  10. Yes. It's from "Pardon Me".

    -Antwan L.
  11. it depends on who leaves the rep. a person with higher post count and more rep has more influence over it(mods and admins are 100 or more, depending on the post counts they have)

    so i am assuming since you are still negative someone with higher rep/post count gave you the neg while newer people gave you the pos rep. I really hate when people leave anonymous rep(pos or neg)...i wanna kno who gave it to me(pos, so i can thank them) and (neg just so they arent being a little bitch about it, they should man up to their actions)

    normally i would cheer for duke but i really just didnt like them as much, plus now i get to rag on a die hard duke fan who always puts them going far...haha he is screwed for his chart

    edit: fucking zaga, how the hell did they lose!!!???!!!!!!!
  12. ughh i kno i hav 1 neg rep some little bitch left me for no reason on a thread wher i said 1 thing and it wasnt even bad?? lol and they didnt even leave a reason.. just neg lol gay people on here
  13. haha, aimed left me one after i asked why he kept trying to bust everyone... oh well, i was just curious, it's the first red one i've seen....anyway, antwan, i'm going to be a dick simply because incubus is an all time fave, the lyric is "the perils of being in 3-D...any other band and i would have moved on... i'm anal, oh well

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