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  1. A while back, when we were at the HEIGHT of terrorism (specifically in Copenhagen), one of our very own Blade was faced with a life-changing event where he received a phone call and had to listen helplessly to the cries and horrors taking place at that time.

    I myself and many blades who he once thought of as good friends, were less than understanding as to why he decided to take the stance he did. We accused him of being many things he wasn't because we could only understand from our own ignorant perspectives.

    I'd like to apologize to that blade @VikingToker. It seems he still carries the pains of that day and I'm not doing this to make myself feel better or earn brownie points, right is right and wrong is wrong. I was wrong in how I publically and privately shamed him instead of being the friend he thought I was and allowing him the space to vent and share his pains freely and without judgement.

    I come from a place where domestic terrorism is an EVERY DAY thing and I was trying to force the way I handled it onto someone like him, he is not someone who has faced a situation like that so often that all he can do for the time being is pray. I thought he was turning into someone I thought we BOTH despised, I gave no thought into the fact that he was processing and understanding a situation in HIS own personal way. The same way people look at me as an idiot for forgiving people so easily, I looked at him for his response.

    Its not up to me if you decide to forgive and forget, thats on you and you alone @VikingToker. I just thought I'd practice what I preach about forgiveness and owning up to one's mistake.

    It really is just all love over here and I really do honestly hope you are exactly where you want to be in life.


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  2. Not sure what the actual situation and everything was, but it takes balls to man up when you screw up and make a mistake. That's all I have to say on the matter. Hope you find peace in realizing your mistake and taking ownership of it.

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  3. Thank you for that, it means a lot.

    It's far more difficult to apologize in public than it is to offend, and this is very honorable of you. All good graces reinstated, K. I respect this action tremendously.

    And I ask your forgiveness for doubting you'd do this.
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  4. Its not hard when the person is worth it. You always had my back and i cant imagine how you felt when i didnt have yours.

    I have loved you then and i love you now, i just wanted to prove that to you in front of everyone.

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  5. Idk the situation you meaning but props to you IDK!!! Viking is a great person and been my friend on here for a long time so and that's great that yall made up. :love: Much respect to you both!

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  6. So, whens the wedding?!

    Jokes aside, this is by far the most mature post ive read on these forums. Much respect! This is how the world should work!

    Now go get a room...
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  7. Much respect to both of you.
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  8. Copenhagen is some pretty nice chew. I prefer grizzly.

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