Yeah! I got my bastard Step-Dad arrested!! Rargh! (LONG)

Discussion in 'General' started by D9_THC, May 21, 2003.

  1. So, he got pissed with me cos I'm not all obidient. i mean, for christs sake, i'm 18. and also he only ever talks to me when he's telling me to do something, and then he shouts (he's in the army, the cock). so, as far as i'm concerned he's not in charge of me. i just live with him.

    so he came right up to my face and was yelling at me and he pushed me. and that really pissed me off. he walked a few meters away then i threw a bowl at him, and it smashed. he fucken charged right back at me and tried to hit me. and he grabbed me by the neck and pushed me down to the ground.

    my mum came into the room, and pulled him offa me, and he was like "i'll break your fucking neck!"

    my t-shirt was torn, so i went upstairs to change it and he said "get back down here i'm not done with you" haha. so i changed my shirt and came back down and he tried to touch me again but my mum got between us and he kept trying to push her outta the way.

    then i managed to get out into the garden and he folloed and kept trying to get at me but i was dodging. so my mum went and phoned the pigs.
    BEHOLD! a few minutes later, 4 police cars pull up outside my house and my step-dad tried to make a run for it. but the cops got him and i watched with great pleasure as they cuffed him and led him into one of the cars and drove away.

    ah, i was so pleased.

    i gave a statement to the police and pressed charges against him. the result: he was charged with common assault, and given a caution and a criminal record. if it happens again he'll be pickin up the soap.

    this was on sunday though, and he still hasn't come home :D
  2. That's good that someone like that is out of your life but it's really too bad it had to happen like that.

    oh well, at least he didn't go completely nuts and grab a gun or something, I'm glad you stuck up for yourself
  3. well, this was in the UK, so if he'd pulled a gun out he would have been in deep shit whether he used it or not :D

  4. sorry, I forgot that there are actually places where you don't have to worry about any particular yahoo whippin a gun out

    fucking bogus american gun laws
  5. good job getting rid of him:). i had troubles like that with my dad like 2 years ago me and my mom called the cops on him all the time he would just come back and do it again so i fought back and broke his right leg in 3 dif places and made his face look like a pizza it was so busted up i just couldent take that shit nomore i hated it so i just started punchin and kickin and i WON.that was 2 years ago nowadays he has alot more respect for me and when we do get into an argument its just verbal i havent layed my hands on my father in 2 years and he hasent layed his hands on me in 2 years i guess beating him down changed some things
  6. hey happy to hear the good news. When do you expect him back, and do you think it will be awkward? How did you avoid not getting in trouble for throwing a bowl at him? Im suprised the pigs didnt charge you with some BS offence.
  7. Yea sorry to hear about the bullshit stepdad.

    Send me a plane ticket to the UK and ill break his neck for you.
  8. well, the cops didn't seem to mind about me throwing a bowl at him.

    they also didn't mind that my step-dad was pissed mostly cos he found my bong :D they said "it's not relevant" haha

    and he came home today, took all of his stuff and drove away. my mum's not home yet, so she'll be in for a suprise eh?

    i'll keep you all posted my bladies!
  9. change for the good.

    JW... do you realise you sound like you could even be his dad!
  10. goddamn man, that stepdad sounds liek scum. the amount of people i want to get arrestd...
  11. wow and the pigs didnt take your bong?
  12. Good thing he left. You shouldn't have to be subjected to shit like that. My dad threatens me sometimes when I really piss him off (rarely), but I know he won't do anything. Besides, he has bad knees so I always say I'll just kick his old ass down the stairs..... :)
  13. if i had a step parent i wouldnt listen to them, and if they were a bitch i would just tell them to fuck off your not my mom or dad. I could never have somebody new come into my life and try to act like my dad. Im glad my parents have a good relationship and have been married 20 years. It also helps that both my parents are cool with me smoking, so i dont get in fights with them

  14. Digit I can understand how you might come to that. But anyone who hits a child or a female is sick and he deserves not only what came to him but worse. Do you think that him getting arrested for a day or two will all of a sudden...make him stop his violent aggression? Do you think next time he's put in the same scenario he'll calmly take deep breaths and walk away? That is why I said what I said.. Just like rapists and pedafiles, men who beat women might as well get what they give. And if his neck was broken, I doubt he'd be able to hit even a small puppy. I know its evil and mean to take damage ones ability to walk or live, but what is he doing? He might very well be causing permanent emotional damage to her for all we know...Im not saying he is because she does seem pretty relaxed and strong about it, but its the principle. Jail doesnt teach these fuckers what they need to be taught.
  15. Anyone who hits anyone is sick and he deserves the punishment of the law.

    did you ever hear the saying "two wrongs dont make a right."?

    "I know its evil and mean to take damage ones ability to walk or live"
    so why threaten such?
    i guess you're pro capital punishment right?

    i think thats a sick and barbaric practice. people who act in such unacceptable ways (like D9_THC's step dad) DO need punishment and sorting out... but a broken neck is no way to sort things, rehabilitation is far better. its just a matter of how far we want to go down the rehabilitation road... do we want mind control? it would still be better than killing people with the risk of killing innocents.

    her? oh... i thought D9THC was male.


    "wow and the pigs didnt take your bong?"
    if you live in the right places in the UK you can get away with smoking cannabis alltogether.

    cops have better things to do with their time and they realise it here.
  16. I guess that is more logical. I was under the impression that d9_thc was a girl, but if he/she is a male no I would not go and break his fathers neck, he can do that on his own. Hitting another man is one thing but hitting a female is bullshit
  17. To Digit:IMO if someone's trying to beat the shit out of you or someone else then you have the right to use violent methods to get yourself or the other person outta trouble otherwise I feel that, you're right, violence is a bunch of bullshit for macho arseholes.

    To D9 I say: FUCK YEAH! That arsehole's outta your life and your mum's and I say you're better off!

    To the lady above me: I was never once smacked as a child. HERE'S A NOVEL CONCEPT: instead of "time outs and bullshit" AND INSTEAD of smacking why don't you actually try to TALK to your kids, when they do something wrong try to understand WHY and then try to make them see that its wrong.

    Too much emphasis is put on punnishment in this society and not rehabilitation. No one does ANYTHING for no reason (even if it's not a good one). What we teach everyone in society when we do this is: Someone screws with you then just fuck them over and everything will be better. WRONG- People don't learn to respect each other that way- they just learn to fear this voice that says: DO IT AND I'LL SPANK YOU!

  18. ya know,,,,,,,,a good ass woopin usually helps, its sad that children are an easy target. my step dad used to woop my ass all the time,,, till i got big. NOW ITS MY TURN! LOL his second mistake was to think i forgot. third mistake was standing so close to the edge. it will probably be a while before number four. "i dont deserve this!" its got nothin to do with deserve. i hope we all learn from others mistakes, learn not to repeat them with our kids peace and love.
  19. haha he sounds like a dick.... good for u.... glad u stuck up for yourself!

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