Yeaaaaa holidays

Discussion in 'General' started by xericx, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Worked my last day yesterday, it was dead all day so I got to leave early. Have the next 8 days off, and i'v got mad cash from working 7 days straight. Gonna pick up a half oz. Then im going to Toronto for the next couple days. Wooo im so excited, yahoo for holidays:wave:

  2. half ounce hmmm ?

    seems a little bit pathetic for eight days

    go big or donate that money to charity

    buy an ounce at least
  3. Wow its not a contest to see how much weed I can smoke it 8 days.
    And I dont really appreciate you calling me pathetic.

    Thanks for raining on my parade.

  4. my bad, i wasnt calling you pathetic, i was calling small amounts of weed pathetic.

    the beaver is a mighty animal
  5. Thats still uncalled for, a half is definitely not a pathetic small amount of weed.
  6. And whats with the beaver comment? Because im Canadian?

    Your ignorant, grow up.

  7. Half o a month, roughly.. I'm not pathetic... Vive los Eric's
  8. when moneys tight i stretch a g out over a week..and i dont find it pathetic at all.

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