Ye is right. I stand with Ye

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    Like the title says. I think Ye was right and I think he's brave for speaking the truth. I fully support what Ye is doing and I'm happy to debate anyone who disagrees, or just provide some clarity for anyone confused.
    I'll start the conversation off with a point in his defense.
    He is preaching love. Christian love, which means loving even your enemies. You might disagree with the concept and that's fine, but if someone says love and you hear hate, then that is your own hatred, not theirs.

    For reference here is the full Alex Jones interview
    And here is the McGinnis interview
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  2. He's a fucking loser.
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  3. No he's cool.
    Maybe you can explain why you think he's a fucking loser. What has he said or done?
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    A new interview happening live now. Just audio it seems.
    Edit: seems the interview is over already. The platform didn't like what Ye was saying and shut it down.
  5. New Ye

    It is short.
    Ye is right. I stand with Ye.
  6. Ye is almost as crazy as Alex jones
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  7. Everyone is so anti-Ye, but why?
    What has he actually said?
    If someone said Italians run the Mafia, no one would accuse them of hating Italians, or thinking that they are all in the Mafia.
    Say that Jews run Hollywood though...
    And he keeps preaching love.
    I just don't get why people keep calling him crazy and hateful.
  8. I never called him hateful, to be clear.
  9. It's pretty sad when you look up to an asshole like that.
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  10. might just be they dont know what repent means
    any and everyone can change , by opening up and spilling the beans is the first step to the kingdom, but being a mugwump has to also change
    there cant be a fence to straddle into the kingdom , it has to be on one side or the other , no middle ground
    the real question is , is this just another act , whom can judge , no living being can , so if it is a act it is one that will truly hurt in the end game .that is between him and the lord .
    from the little that i know of him , i truly understand his foot hold here on earth , this is a balance he trying to find and you got to agree the first step to getting away from all the crap in his life
    those that attack , arent attacking him , they are as usual attacking his faith
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  11. Can you expand on this please?
    What makes Ye so terrible?
    What has he said or done that is so terrible?

    This is my entire point with this thread. Everyone is hating on Ye so hard, but no one can seem to provide any reason why other than "he's crazy" or "He's antisemetic"

    And Nex this thread has nothing to do with Trump, what are you even talking about?
  12. I barely know anything about him, other than he makes some fucking super ugly ass shoes.
    Stop giving him attention, hopefully he goes away?
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  13. Wasn't this dude just on Alex Jones channel praising Hitler? Lmao when Alex Jones has a guest that makes himself look sain.. uh yeah that's all you need to know about "Ye" .....

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  14. Yes, that full interview is in my OP, along with another interview from Ye. A few posts later is yet a third interview that's only 5 minutes and a good summary of his thoughts.

    I am guessing that all the people criticizing Ye in this thread have not actually listened to his words. Which is why I provided the interviews for you to listen.

    Does no one else think it's kind of ridiculous that everyone is in agreement with how terrible he is, yet no one can explain why?

    Here is a 30 second video from the CEO of the ADL talking about Ye and why (((they))) had to destroy him.
  15. They hate him like they hate Elon since buying twitter
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  16. I Like His Songs Mainly Older Ones Like On College Dropout An Stuff But I Don Care About His Political Opinions Or Any Of That Stuff. His Old Songs Take Me Back To My Crazy Teenage Years Tho.

  17. Who fucking gives a shit?
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  18. Excellent points BG, all the arrogant , childish comments you received shows you whom to ignore.
    True wastes of time.
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  19. I do, because he lost billions of dollars and his entire reputation and career, they even tried to forcibly lock him up and drug him, all because he said that jews run Hollywood and the banks. Which is true.

    That's crazy, and this thread is just emphasizing the craziness around this issue. Why is Hitler the ONE person in history you're not allowed to defend, the holocaust the one event you're not allowed to question, and the jews the only people you're not allowed to even notice things about, much less criticize.
  20. He loves Hitler.

    I agree with MickFoster, he's an asshole.
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