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  1. Just got random word this morning a random friend of mine was getting some boomers. I asked for a hookup and now I'm about to go pick up 3 8ths. I'm pretty psyched. It's $125 for 3/8ths but oh well, they're basically gone up here in Illinois :<
  2. Send an 1/8th down here! Haha, I feel ya on the shroom market being dry. I've been looking all summer and I still haven't found any :(. Take some pics when you get them though.
  3. Your trusting your life to a random friend who charges 41 dollars an 8th?
  4. Up here 99% of the time quality dictates price. They're a home grown crop, gold caps, and nice bruising on them. I'll take some pictures when I get them.
  5. Nice, me and my friends are picking up 3/8ths tonight, and shroomin tomorrow. Enjoy!
  6. I just picked up a half O of mushies for $50. I'm about to go to a friends place to make some pizza hehehehe.
  7. fuck all of you canadians and your prices.
  8. I gotta wait till Sunday or Tuesday for these :<
    But they look BOMB!! Not many caps, but some good sturdy looking stems.

    Pictures aren't the best, but you get the general idea. 3 8ths :)

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  9. looks like you got a shit ton of stems, bro.
  10. nice man!
    Happy trippin' and good vibes!

    That seems very expensive, but then again I am in the Pac. NW.
  11. haha i used to do that too bite the cap off sell the stems
  12. Seems like that's what he did :< But oh well the bag with the most caps is mine....3 :<

    I read/heard from somewhere that the stems have just as much juice as the caps though.
  13. that price is gnar as fuck but w/e.

    be careful. shrooms have a tendency to cause soreness in the abdomen from laughing so damn much

  14. ya man, the caps really arent that much stronger than the stems.

    nice shrrooms bro wish i could get some...only can get acid, but i want to experience shrooms.
  15. Hahahaha.....i get my shrooms for 35 an 8th. I like that price. I should grow my own. Off rice cakes....mmmm...
  16. I'm growing my own once I get my own place :)

    We've chosen Sunday as the day to eat these puppies. I'll post a trip report when I'm back :D

  17. Sounds like a great time man positive vibes your way. Hopefully you guys are taking the whole 8th at once.
  18. Sooooooo we ended up doing them last night. You know how good drugs just hate to wait :)

    Did 2.5g each with some strawberries at 6:24 pm. We had them with some strawberries, weighed ourselves out our second finishing dose (we enjoy repeaking halfway through normally on our left overs) and then put everything away. We went into my friend (J)'s basement and started up the Beatles, and started playing Gears of War 2. We were playing a game type which just had people running towards us and we had to kill them basically. I couldn't play well since I was feeling the body effects within 15 minutes or so (hadn't eaten in 8 hours+), and by the fifth round, I told J I couldn't handle it and started staring at his ceiling. Then visuals started kicking in. The ceiling had dancing people on it, the walls were melting, his computer monitor had text that was fading in and out. We tried putting on Phish with my ipod, but we had a hard time since we were starting to come up pretty fast. We get Phish on, and for probably an hour sat on the ground listening to music staring at the ceiling rolling around.
    After this things get pretty hazy. We at one point go upstairs, and both use the bathroom to piss. I look in the mirror, and the wall behind me is melting, and I also notice my eyes are HUGE. J uses the bathroom, and then we decide to go on a walk. We get outside, and I don't remember more then bits and pieces, but we basically walked around for an hour or so, I thought at random points people were chasing us, but I don't think they were actually there. At several points we had to pass open garages and people standing and talking. This always scared us I remember and I don't recall us making it past one not looking fucked up. Either we'd giggle and run past the house, or we'd giggle and cross the street and pass it.
    We get home, and my friend tells me he's gonna go shit. So he does, and while he's shitting I hear him yelling about how he's tripping. It was funny as hell at the time. So he's shitting, and I'm on his couch staring at his awesome dogs, petting them and just thinking. After he gets out of the bathroom, we have a small misunderstanding, his girlfriend was calling him, and he had ditched her to do this. I kept saying don't worry about it and take care of it later, but he felt the urge to give himself a bad trip or something. So he goes in his room for an hour (which once we were done last night he said was fucked to shit and messy. Neither of us are sure why, and he doesn't remember at all what they talked about.)
    While J is in his room, I'm sitting on his couch, experiencing thoughts and serene experiences. I thought a lot about God, and came to the strong conclusion he doesn't exist, and when I came to this conclusion, time seemed to stop, twist around, fold in, and then bounce out. Every plan I had for the next week seemed like it was about to happen tomorrow. I was in a state of utter confusion, I didn't know what to do first. So I sat on the couch and thought about things for another hour, slowly bringing myself down. After about 5 hours, visuals were basically all done. So after about 7 hours, we get in J's car, and go drive through fog and back roads while tokin' some ganja. This of course mixed well with the shroom body afterglow, and we enjoyed the rest of our night talking about what all we experienced.

    Amazing trip, best shrooms I've had in a while.
  19. $41 an eighth for basically stems alone, ridiculous... you got jenked dude. stems have 30% less psilocin. next time just pick your own, lol.
  20. If those had had caps and the caps really were more potent (they're not), I'm like 99% sure that would've been too much to handle. We tripped BAWLS for a good time off of 2.5g with both of us having only 2 caps.

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