Yay for cheba hut!

Discussion in 'General' started by motion, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. If any of you blades are ever in Arizona, Colorado, or Kentucky; check out this resteraunt. You're going to love the theme!

  2. haha that is great, if i lived there i would definetly check that place out :smoking:
  3. i love how all of their subs are named like Hydro Dank Haze Humbolt. Pretty sweet concept:hello:
  4. True that, I live like 2 miles away from one. The subs are sooo goooood.
  5. Haha I wish they had one in washington
  6. I live in boulder colorado and theres one that delivers to my place. They also deliver in one of those 70s volkswagon vans, and its painted all tie dye...so awesome
  7. prices look pretty damn good...man that white widow sub sounds great...nice post man.
  8. hahaha thats great, my bro's live in AZ i'll ask em bout that shit
  9. Nah.. Kush is where it's at :cool:.
  10. Damn, thats pretty awesome. "The only thing fried is an occasional customer." LOL. I wish PA had some.

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