Yay and morphine

Discussion in 'General' started by Boosh, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Man.. These two drugs combined is a bad combo for me. It makes me had really bad thoughts. Been fucked up for a couple hours now, and I feel so MEAN (as usual) I just feel like such an animal, a bloodthirsty animal on the prowl. If anyone were to fuck with me right now, Im pretty sure I would snap and try to kill them. I can fuckin feel it in my bones. Its a scary feeling.
  2. That doesn't sound like it would be a good combination for anyone, really...

  3. Dont get me wrong though, Im FUCKED up!

    Have you tried the new Black n Mild Cream flavor? Shit tastes good as fuck. Im so bored right now, I may go out and do something bad.

    Man, today I wanted to smack my girls head off for real. Bitch was grillin me about some girl callin my phone. Im like I didnt call her why you in my shit like that? Aint even shit going on but now shes wiggin over some stupid shit. Shes in there sleeping right now, and Im tempted to go in there, wake her ass up, and just fuckin scream at her. Im so mad at her for not trusting me it makes me fuckin sick. :mad:
  4. Boosh man, you said yourself you feel like you could snap right now, don't do anything you're going to regret in the morning, or for the rest of your life.
  5. Ahhh Im not. Writin some mean ass rymes right now though. Blasting everyone thats pissed me off today.

    I wouldnt fuck with anyone unless they looked at me funny or they started shit first.
  6. Awesome. Writing sounds like a much better way for you to take out aggression right now. ;)
  7. Bout to step outside and hit the bag a few times, I like to work out when Im coked up. Hitting that bag will take alot of agression out too.

    And MOTHER FUCKER someone is calling my goddamn phone at 3:30 am. Someones gettin their ass chewed out!:mad:

  8. And now a story from A day in the life of Booshnig

    Yesterday I was droppin a homeboy off in his shitty little trailerpark ghetto, and hes givin me directions to his pad. He tells me to drive across this dirt road type deal, looks like it went across someones yard. So I drive across it, and I look to the left out my window. This mother fucker is standing in his yard pissing! I look at him, he sees me and says "CANT A MOTHER FUCKER PISS IN HIS OWN YARD?" This cat was on some heavy shit, dopin more than I do. So I drive down the hill to my boys house, pull in his drive and him and his girl get out. I look back up the street to the right and see the pissing dude running down the hill towards us. Dude runs up on my friend and starts talkin shit, pushing him around.

    So I hop out the car, and walk to him, tryin to get the dude to calm down before shit gets drastic. A few minutes later, pissers girlfriend(i guess) comes down, starts talking shit to my boys girl(whos preggo btw), and ends up punching my boys girl the fuck OUT. So pisser and my friend are still bout to get into it, and pisser pulls a gun, starts waving that shit around crazy like. At that point, I was done with the bullshit, told my boy I was out and I would drop the cops a line if he wanted, got in my shit and left. Im driving out, look in my rear view mirror and see pisser chasing my ass down the street. Dudes straight RUNNING, Im doin 15 and hes starting to catch up! so I slow down some, dude gets closer and I can hear him yelling more shit, I let him get a little closer, then burn the tires a bit spraying a bit of gravel. I go back up the hill, through the dudes yard again, and leave.

    No real point to the story, Im just awake and bored, and youre gonna read that shit.
  9. Lol.



  10. Is that what its called?
  11. yeah,
    Opiates and cocaine...(generally heroin or oxycontin...but morphine as well)
  12. coolies
  13. Bah.. I guess Ima go lay in the bed and talk to her. I hate this shit, this is the first time Ive wanted to cry in a loooong time. It tears me the fuck up that she would think I would go behind her back like that. I told this girl Im fully commited her. I dunno man, we'll see how shit works out.
  14. Well, that conversation didnt go as good as I wanted. In fact, I think I might have made it worse. :(
  15. My ex-neighbor's best friend died cuz of speedballing.
    Heroin and coke.. retarded.
    Take something to numb you the fuck out and then speed it back up to overload with coke.. that's smart..

    Come on mayne ;)
  16. Yeah but theres a huge difference between heroine and morphine.

  17. Uh, not really. I mean yes they are different, but I wouldn't say huge difference.

    If it were me I'd do them seperately. I don't really understand combining a downer and an upper.

  18. Heroine has got to be ALOT more concentrated than a morphine pill. Then again, I could be bullshittin, I dont fuck with heroine. And Im alive, I know my limits with my drugs.
  19. Punch A Fucking Bus!

  20. Same concept, Boosh.
    Morphine is a downer, cocaine is a catalyst.
    Fast -> Slow makes your heart go boom. Picture your bloodpressure and general metabolism being constantly put under pressure and then brought to slower and then again to faster processing.

    Bad idea in my opinion, you can do what you want.
    I blacked out once because I was chiefing grams and grams of dank out of my friends bong after I did a fuckload of coke. Bad Idea.. Had to lay there like an idiot in the attic with a whole bunch of cokies being sketch about the situation.

    To each his own :smoke:

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