Yawning after smoking

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  1. is it normal to yawn a few times after smoking? I used to smoke wed but now smoke cigarettes and I noticed that sometimes after smoking a cigarette I yawn a few times. Doesn't happen all the time though, does this happen to anyone else?
  2. What does it matter... It's a yawn. It makes sense if you look at it from the relaxation standpoint. Get more hours of sleep in.

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  3. The only reason I was worried about it is because I read that yawning after smoking is a sign of a underlying breathing problem. I must be a little paranoid that's all.
  4. You're almost 100% A-Okay. Smoke on and catch some zzz's if you keep yawning
  5. Your post about yawning just made me yawn..
  6. Smoking tobacco will kill you..Yawning is you and CO2 getting on famously. But at least your alive and the cancer hasnt killed you yet.

    Smoke pot and make love, not die from cigs and smell like an ashtray.
  7. I've had this happen to me many times on my most popular hour and a half drive. Using cigarettes to cure boredom almost always led to some yawning. I've since slowed down to like a pack a week, instead of half a pack a day. Not saying its a good thing that I still do but I no longer notice those effects
  8. yawning is just your body trying to get in more oxygen. so after you inhale smoke it makes it a little harder to get in oxygen, especially from cigs since they have more tar

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