Yard Sales Suck...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Czoverton24, May 6, 2011.

  1. I just finished smoking 3 bowls of some skunk and I just popped Killzone 3 in and then all of a sudden, My neighbor rings the door bell and Im like "Wtf its 7 am?" He's like remember 2 months ago when you said you would help me with this yardsale?

    So yea this outta be fun trying to sell shit baked outta my mind. My eyes are red as hell and I have no eye drops...

    uhhhh and also Playstation Network please come back online soon.:(

  2. I have done this before and had a blast..the only way to do it is Baked..:smoke:

    And I agree they need to fix PSN :mad::mad:
  3. Yard sales are sweet.

    I sold all my clothes to migrant workers, toys hardly sold, books didn't sell, kitchen stuff sold as well.
  4. Yard sales and swap meets are how I used to make my money. I would always have a few bowls and some beers though. Some times I would bust out the grill when the munchies kicked in.
  5. Grab some stuff you want to get rid of and sell it for some quick cash for a new sack!
  6. i love to re-purpose stuff!

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