Yappy Hew Near!

Discussion in 'General' started by smokinokie, Jan 1, 2002.

  1. Have a wonderful year Blades!

    No way it can be as momentous as the last one, eh?

    I dunno.


    Hope everyone has something good to smoke. I know I do.

    Got some of my favorite....er....uh.... cough medicine too. I plan to kiss this year goodbye through bleary eyes!

    Stayin home with the family, gonna build a fire and set off some fireworks at midnight. I just don't like going out on "amateur night." The cops have already said they're doubling up to get DUI's tonight. In the interest of public safety they say. Bullshit. It's a money making night for them.
    They've had their chances to catch me, and they did'nt! I'll not give them another!

    Hope this year for y'all goes as follows:

    Day1- You get a new hookup, always home, exellent quality, cheap prices.

    Day2- Boss calls. Gives you big raise, tells you to take the rest of the year off.

    Rest of year- REEEEEEEELAX!

    Hey. It's the holidays and we can dream if we want to.

    I'm stoned.
    Munchies appear imminent.

    Yappy Hew Near!
  2. Same to ya brother Blade. Make it what ya can.

    Happy New Years to all of the world.

    Don't forget to take a moment and send karma and love to everyone.

    PS Syonygurl will need more karma and love through her surgery and recovery. I love ya Stonygurl princess!

    Smokie, Ya may have to help the Big Poppa! I here he is a party animal from waaaayyyyyyyyyyy back......
  3. Happy New Year right back at ya and all of ya!
    I have heard sobriety checkpoints started at 2pm today in California, so we're stayin HOME, bottles of champagne, Simpsons Monopoly, some DVD's and a nice healthy stash. I avoid amatuer night too and let all the dumbasses get arrested :) :D

    Much love to stonygurl and many thoughts and prayers are on her side, she will be fine I am sure, I hope her surgery/recovery is as painless and short as possible!!

    As for NYE, I think right now I'm gonna roll one and watch Phishhead go crazy w/ Driver 2 :)

    p.s. I love ya guys. I don't know you, but my smiles get so big coz of ya'all thanks for making me smile!
  4. happy new year
  5. Yappy News Years to you my old bald friend on the plains!

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