yahoo's potleaf banner: boggling minds inquire

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. i dont see it...
  2. hhaha....whats this all about
  3. somebody is stondeded..;)
  4. I had a feeling I was gonna be own my own in
    what do you see? caaaaaause I just went to the site and the leaves are still there lol..
  5. i get the cat in the hat.......

    and like a retardo im looking everywhere for your leaves, i was gunnin fer ya sensi:D
  6. Yeah...I saw NOTHING!

    (Sensi's a NUT!) :p
  7. Is this some sorta inside joke? If not, I'm completely lost... wouldn't be the first time... at least there are more people lost with me this time lol :D
  8. ooooooooooooookaaaaay..

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  9. okay, and in the cetner or the banner, the pull down menu gave me pot!
    :Dhey thanks higha!
  10. so its a pop-up? maybe you've just been visiting too many pot sites :D?
  11. no problem sensi......
    never hearing of a pull down banner, well i looked all over for one of those too......
    pullin on all sorts of things ;)
    anyhow those be potleaves allright...
    cool find.
    yahoo's busted,hehe
    sensi's a nut,...ya think :D

  12. on second thought im thinkin about cows idea,.....
    mayby thats just sensis very own "special" banner :)
    i ony got snow anda cat :D
    that what the rest of ya got?
    or did ya'll pull on the right things?

  13. Well, you know me....

    What kind of things were you pulling on, Higha? Tell me allllllll about them!!!! ;)
  14. well, all sorts of places...
    come across some neat stuff,... im very patient ill get the right one ;)
  15. OK, aren't playing along very well, sister!!!! :(


    I still don't even see snow or kitty cat's much less pot leaves. I must not be pulling on the right things either.
  16. i realy think its sensi very own special banner.......
    pot leaves...saw the picture in this thread :)

    i clicked onher link and i got t the top just an ad for the cat in the hat, snowin.........sooo, sensi gets cool ads aparently an i get cartoon

    i was tryin to "pull" crazy things....nothin worked :D
  17. yeah for the record I aint pulling nothing..

    unless its the cork ou tmy bottle or dank off thick stems!

    and some nipple :D

    ok, well it wasnt exactly a pop up. just a banner, you know, how yahoo advertises! top of the page! crazy leafs!!!

    edit, you know ;) lolnipples of those without anything else to pull on ;) :D
  18. that's bs. i saw it, clicked on one of them and it goes to freevibe.. what a bullshit site. someone should it down for lying so much

  19. oooooooooooh lol! I didnt even try to use the pull down menu, Ijust pulled it down to see what was listed! lol!! yeah freevibe lol :rolleyes:

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