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  1. Whoah! Have you guys tried to get in?! There's been a hacker in our midst, it would seem! An open letter to the hacker is all that shows up now. Well, at least we know the powers that be are at attention! Maybe we'll see some improvements. Hell, all the cool people are here, anyway. I still check in, though, just in case something worthwhile is being talked about ;)!
  2. Just my luck, I'm looking for an email there today.
  3. Yea I was on around the time it was claimed to have happened...I actually had gotten in the grow forum...then I went back to free for all to ask a currency conversion question..then I went back to a seed site for a few,,then back to yahooka....well at least I tried images but the page was there..I clicked on a topic link and ...this page cannot be displayed..over and over again...

    I just now went to the front page and read that open letter...that explained everything..It reads..

    An open letter to the Hacker that damaged the YaHooka Web Site:

    So Mr. Hacker how should I address your actions? Should I admire your talent to destroy data from a hard drive that does not belong to you, or should I view you no-more and no-less than the terrorists that destroyed the World Trade Center Towers? You must feel quite accomplished that you can use your talents to bring down a Pot Site. A site which costs me money to run and maintain. I keep thinking in the back of my mind why would you do this? What is the purpose? If you do not agree with the opinions expressed by this Web Site then simply do not visit. If on the other hand if you thought you were doing me a favor by showing me some security problems with the web server then I am not impressed.

    There is an old saying, "If there is a will, there is a way". I could hire security consultants to advise me on what to do to protect my the server. I could replicate the data onto another hard drive, but if you have a will you will find a way to destroy. And the question begs if you are so skillful at Hacking how come you don't hack into a site such as Microsoft or Intel, or even a government site? Displaying your destructive tendencies on a POT site makes you look like the 6th grader picking on a 1st grader. Oh how much gratification you get from doing this!

    Recovering from your destruction will take some time. You may keep us down, but we will never give up. Because we have a real cause that is true and just to fight for while your cause based on sickness and will only last only a short time until you find something else to indulge your sickness on. What you did was criminal and you need to be punished for it. I would be willing to offer:

    $5,000 Dollars

    For Information Leading to the Arrest and Conviction of the Person Hacking in the YaHooka Website and Destroying Data on November 7th around 2AM in the Morning.

    There is no doubt in my mind that we will have some takers as many of the YaHookans that frequent YaHooka are far more technically advance than you and I. And they would enjoy the challenge of putting you behind bars.

    The security on the site will be tighten, but we might just leave a little hole for you to enter through. You might think it was something that we overlooked, but in reality it was purposely setup that way like a trap. And we will track your every move and find out your IP, and your Provider. And if necessary we will get the Lawyers involved to make sure that Hacking career is over with and you are punished to the fullest extend of the law no matter what country live in.

    Which brings me to....can any of us true yahookans begin to guess whom it may have been that would do such a thing?
  4. .....but I'm sure it was'nt me.

    Or, it might have been me but it was totally by accident. I could'nt hack my way out of a wet paper sack, but I can screw up anything that has to be plugged in with little or no effort!
  5. I was on last nite and sorta had a feeling that this would be happening soon. Not that it was me....hell I can't even get my computer to shut down right half the time. How the hell do you hack? Is there like a home page :) or something. I can't even bullshit about it. It sucks that it came to this. I'm sure its one of those know-it-alls that got pissed and decided they could fix it.

    Im sure it'll be up again soon.

    Peace and Prayers.
  6. ya-hooka has no-it-alls?

  7. What was I thinking. I was stoned. and it sounded good.
  8. I'm not sure why ,but it would seem one of the lamers that have been posting at Yahooka for some time now has reached a point of frustration with themselves that they decided to attack the Yahooka site. I could give a list of possibilities ,but the Adminisrator should be able to identify them precisely ,and then take legal action.

    I get only script errors ,and not a hackers letter. Can someone paste it in or email a copy of it to me..........


  9. I just used an Administrative tool I have and it is bringing back that the entire block of addresses on that server are down ,so whoever hacked Yahooka seems to have slammed the server it was on also. That is pretty serious.

    Does anyone have "Truth Seekers" Email address ?

  10. I don't have "Truth Seekers" e-mail. I have gotten my Yahooka e-mail and Debaser has e-mailed me and he doesn't know what is going on either. I'll keep everyone updated as i know something.

    ~~Bud Head~~
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    Lets us this community to keep in touch and email to keep in touch.

    My email is

  12. roach....I pasted it already......look my post previous to this....It's there..............
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    I got your e-mail. I have sent you one back. I stiil haven't heard what is going on yet..
  14. I havnt been on since the concert. Yahooka is gone? Or tenporarily fucked? I am going to investigate. This news bums me out?
  15. high! its tazz11 iam off track and am very happy to see you all! i am lost ,i cant use my tazz11 name here i tryed to reg here befor and i guess its fuckup some how!or theres someone useing my name here so i am the rainman!its good to hear your voices i am cring!tazz11
  16. yahooks post script is not puting out a output!it stuck much like what happen with java script!on pc you can end task and stop it! but i emailed mccorsoft tech suport hopeing they can help reset the sever!i have posted to most of the mods i could in the hope to help in any way i could!but it as you say is not looking good for right now!the rainman!
  17. i have to thank onite! your post (i well never leave) was still there if you fight with it a little, i went to thousands of post!your links to other sites got me here i thank you!
  18. you just said something i like you said that the hacker had come to yahooka that means he was posting when it happend, that means if his post stuck in yahooks script its still there i am going backto yahooka to find the last post loged if its a script post stuck it could get it unstuck it may not be a hacker! ill try to find the last post it may re start yahooka !li was on yahooka when it stuck ,i remember most of the post topic that were going on at the time!atter!
  19. NdicaBud ,

    Thanks for straightening me out. I thought it was a letter from the hacker folks were talking about......and that your post was 'your' response to him/her .Now that I read it again I can see that it was lunaria or another Admin. from Yahooka .
    I'm curious as to what damage was done ,ie ;pages moved ,hard drive erased etc. ,and how many logged IP addresses may have been downloaded. I personally am not worried ,for I 'log on' through several proxys ,however I also know that some use DSL or cable modems and may therefore be susceptable to further attacks on their systems if their personal systems are not secure.

  20. what would they get my name my address so what they would get much now and i could care if they get my name !as long as yahooka gets back to normal! i have nothing to hide i am good looking and hansom !if they bust me it wouldnt look good on their work records ,i bust a blindman with brain damge on heavy meds and a vet to boot!ho ya thatll get him a rise!tazz11 the rainman!

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