Yabastaas Dwc Indoor Grow: Scrogin Around In The Closet

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  1. Hey guys, I've been reading and have decided to dip my feet into hydroponics. I really like the idea that you have complete control over the growing medium and who can argue with results lol. I have chose deep water culture for this grow because It seems like a very simple yet very effective system. I will be trying the "hygro hydro" method of growing by doing one plant under a 400w HID lamp.
    For veg I will be using a 5 gallon bucket with a 10 inch net pot filled with hydroton. I also picked up the GH flora series which I will be using through the grow in conjunction with distilled water and cal mag to replace the missing nutrients from the distilled water(I think that is how that works lol). My grow room is a closet and has a 400w MH/HPS lamp that I will use for flower and veg. Temps are around ~77 at day with 45% RH and ~72 at night with a 65% RH. They will run 18-6 through the veg phase with the MH bulb. 
    I plan for flower to move to a 17 gallon bucket and continue with the flora series and cal mag. Planning ahead are there any sweetener nutrients and yield nutrients that anyone could recommend? I will put the HPS bulb in and be running it at 12-12 until the end. I will also install the scrog as I will be scroging this plant to try to maximize its growth and yield. 
    Onto what I have done lol. I just planted the germinated seed into rockwool which I have flushed numerous times over the past 24 until I reach my 6.0 ph goal. It now sits under a 65w 6500k CFL lamp until I get to see some roots pop out the bottom at which point I will pop it into the dwc bucket into the closet for its veg cycle.
    If you guys have any suggestions for me that would be great as I am trying to plan ahead so I don't end up trapped in a tight spot from being unprepared. Im going to be cleaning my room tomorrow to button everything up and I'll post a picture then.
    Cheers  :bongin:


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