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    Edit: Trip report!

    Okay, when people say 'trip,' I'd never really known what they meant. Trip, as in, you become so stupid you trip over your own feet when you walk? No, that would be more like alcohol or something to that effect. Shrooms presented me with a one-way trip to mind-fuckery-land for four hours, and I absolutely enjoyed it.

    First off, this was definitely not a completely good trip. Well, I suppose I could've picked a better place to do it; I was in my friend's apartment, a friend who enjoys decorating with scary things, lighting with red light, fake spiderwebs, pictures of Freddy Kreuger, etc etc. He also decided it would be a good idea to watch the movie Pi when we tripped out. Having not eaten anything all day, I was more than psyched to fill my stomach with shroomeys and some apples/chocolate. For reference, if weight really matters when it comes to shrooms, I weigh 155. I'm a male. I ate an eighth, all at once, downing it with some orange juice. We played a game of Magic the Gathering while waiting for them to kick in. We finished the game, and he just kinda laid back onto his bed. I started watching the movie. He fell asleep almost right away. I noticed my face starting to feel funny at about 10:00 (Eated the shroomeys at nine.) I started to feel some ridiculous body high, like I'd just smoked a pound of the dankiest herbs I could imagine. From there, my reality started to crumble.

    My emotions started to go all over the place. The tense undertones of the movie we were watching were making me extremely uncomfortable, so I turned it off, instead opting to listen to some Of Montreal. That is, when I finally figured out how to work the infernal contraption some would refer to as a "laptop." Now I know how old people feel. Anyway, the music started playing, and that lightened my mood. I started to get really bored just sitting there by myself, so I went to lay down on the couch in the closet, where I was to sleep eventually. I closed my eyes to enjoy the music, and all the sudden, I fell through the couch. I was floating, and there were intense colours all around me. I opened my eyes to make sure I was still real, and looked at my hands... My fingers were dripping off. I hopped out of the closet and woke up my friend. He said some things I didn't quite understand (everything he said last night ended up being nonsense) and we both just started laughing. He was drifting in and out of sleep, and when I reached over to try to wake him up, my arm extended past this plane of reality, faaaaar into his dreams, to pull him out. I hesitated for a second before doing so, as his face was contorting and twisting; happy to sad, angry, demonic, back to normal again. His forehead was impossibly large, and his eyebrows were slanted at a sharp angle. Then he was back to normal. I had to use the bathroom.

    "I'll be right back, *name*, to pull you out of your dream-plane..."
    "No, I wanna be in trippy dreamland... Look, the poster... No, in-and-around..."

    For some reason, it made perfect sense to me at the time. I left and went into the bathroom.

    Once in the bathroom, I peed. Everything seemed pretty normal in there, until I got to the sink. I turned on the faucet and washed my hands, when I almost looked up. I glanced at the bottom of the mirror, where I could vaguely see the bottom of my reflection. Horrified at the evil vibrations I was getting from the other person standing in front of me, I turned my head down, and slowly walked out, back into the other room.

    My friend was awake now, and playing on the laptop. I asked him if he'd like anything to drink. He said no, because he just poisoned himself with what we'd eaten, and anything else would be bad. I told him the juice is all natural, and it would absorb the poison and make him okay again. He shrugged and said he'd love some juice then. (It made sense at the time.) I asked if he'd accompany me on the long journey to the fridge. Who knows what kind of things could be out there? He declined, and I decided to go anyway. I got the juice boxes, a kind of off-brand kind that said "No artificial flavours! No artificial preservatives!" Okay, only NATURAL preservatives. Anyway, got back into the room, and tried to get the straw in. Okay, you know when Capri-sun juice...bag...things have the little hole right on the side, and you get juice everywhere trying to get the straw in? These were like those, but if Beelzebub himself endowed the tiny metallic hole with the unbreakableness of diamond infused with titanium. Diamotaniumd. We tried futilly to get the straws into the bags for what seemed like eternity, before I grabbed a pair of scissors and we both just cut into ours, draining all the juices into glasses (and anywhere else it might've dribbled onto.)

    From there, he went back to sleep again, and I went back to lay in the Closet of Alternate Realities. From there it's kind of a blur; I stopped documenting my trip on the note application on my phone when the little bright letters on the keyboard started to dance and spin. The posters on the wall were all breathing at me, and the anime, Cat Soup, that I had put on to watch was now turning crazy colours. I stopped watching it at one point, and I remember thinking about things I'd prefer not to get into here. Suffice to say, this was the bad part of my trip. Luckily, I closed my eyes, cleared my mind (Read: Probably fell asleep) and when I looked at my phone's clock next, it was 2:00. Four hours tripping my freaking balls off. I sat up, turned on some quiet music (check out Six Organs of Admittance, For Octavo Paz. The final track. It's serene when you've just tripped. Maybe that's just me) and reflected on all that'd just happened, enjoying a Clove.

    Are things like this just one's body purging the poison from the mushrooms from them? Or are they the mind's way of reflecting on itself? Was I horrified to look into the mirror simply because people tell me not to when I'm tripping? Or am I scared to evaluate myself in real life, scared to take criticism, scared to reflect on my own self?

    And why are those goddamn juiceboxes so freaking hard to open?

    Well, that was my trip. I will MOST DEFINITELY be doing that again, but with a few modifications; friend(s) that is/are awake, well-lit room, not taking so much (I think I would've enjoyed much more if I'd taken a half-eighth,) no dissonant-toned movies to begin the trip with (or at all during tripping,) no more tripping in rooms with pictures of killers and blood everywhere, and finally, all juice will be in bottles.

    I have about 2/3 of an eighth left, and I'll be enjoying that outside, on trails, in a nearby forest, or something to that effect when it's a bit warmer.


    My friend just texted me, telling me he picked up a half O of magical wondershrooms! We're planning on eatin' 'em on Tuesday; I'll probably nom on about an eighth, maybe a littttle less; it's my first time ever, so I don't wanna go too crazy on it!

    What are some fun things to do? We play video games quite a bit, and Magic: The Gathering, so I assume the card art will look pretty amazing. I have lots of music games at my disposal, and most any PC game out there. Also have two DSes, one PSP, and every console back to the Atari 2600 except PS3. Any game recommendations would be epic, so I know which console(s) to bring over.

    I've also heard not to look into the mirror, which just makes me want to do it more. Is there a specific reason for this, other than seeing my own face looking evil/twisted/crazy?

    I've also heard to go outside, but it's balls-cold out here right now. It may POSSIBLY be above freezing on Tuesday, so that's a poooossibility.

    We also have lots of wonderful buds, some drank (Which neither of us really like drinking,) some X (Which I'd probably prefer not to take since I just took it a week and a half ago, but if it's going to be an amazing experience...) and possibly some ket at the time. Besides the bud, does anything go well with shroomeys?
  2. If you have a comics store nearby try something by Jim Woodring or Alan Moore. If you can, definitely spend sometime outside - plants and water are killer. Even just water inside (pouring water from a glass into a bowl) is pretty cool. Blowing soap bubbles. Try reading a magazine. I havent tried Rock Band while on shrooms, but I have to assume it would be pretty good. Pretty much anything from pop culture - which is itself a form of mycelium.

    If you feel comfortable with yourself, looking in the mirror is perfectly fine.
  3. assuming you already know about set and setting and all of that "jazz" i will reccomend some good things to do

    - Movies (on comedowns)
    - Playing with pets..
    - Walks, through nature or wherever
    - Lay down and close your eyes
    - Art
    - Music
    - Weed goes nicely with shrooms
    - Talking, i find this impossible to resist :D
    - Video Games, a bit hard to play so stick with easy/happy preferably kids games!
    - Reading, this will only be possible on low doses and is still hard, yet interesting.

    Note on mirrors: i find mirrors cool, however some people are freaked out by them, usually people with a negative self image!

    Have fun!
  4. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MZr10Yyu_c"]YouTube - the lonely islands shrooms (interlude)[/ame]
  5. Not tried shrooms yet, but if anything, I'd think the games and visual applications on this site would help:


    Just make sure you know what you are playing/viewing before hand. Don't want to kill anything getting scared shitless.

    Fun games on that site are "Echoes" and "mono." They are a lot like Geometry Wars except on the PC. Also, I think you have unlimited lives (perfect for this probably) and they are very colorful (especially with a good gfx card).

    Like I said, I've never done shrooms, so I'm not sure what to expect. I'm going to try them soon though. Keep me updated on whats nice to do on your first, I'd appreciate it.

  6. ya gotta try shrooms, truly amazing! :D
  7. I know I do.

    I will be trying them soon enough.
  8. make a trip report or post on gc if u can i like to see first time trip repots :D
  9. Oh I will.

    I was planning on it =]
  10. I haven't got the chance to try them yet, but one thing I heard from everyone who has is how you have to be in the right state of mind when you're taking them, or else you might not get what you're expecting from them.

    One of my friends who just tried them recently said she had the urge to walk around and explore things and she just listened to a ton of music (more than on average) and did a lot of drawing/painting.

    I'm excited to try them.. hopefully soon!
  11. they are definately great! PM if you have questions
  12. I'm so excited; at this time tomorrow I'm going to be in a wonderful world of colours and crazy feelings. My first ever hallucinogen, too. I've wanted to try acid very badly, but it's pretty hard to come by around here in the Midwest.

    To take them; I have a very weak stomach, so I heard from some guy here that he cuts them up into little bits, then just swallows them down with orange juice. Is this a good way to go at it? It seems like the most effective; a good way to take 'em without tasting 'em at all!

    Also, like someone else here suggested, I'm thinking of keeping a little trip journal; recording what I feel and experience. I'd also like to know for myself; there's many a day on X that I wish I'd done that. :3
  13. Ahh I remember the first time doing shrooms, it was absolutely amazing I wanna do them again soon now thinking about it..

    My stomach isn't too strong either but I downed it with some orange juice and felt no problems. After I was done tripping however I felt kind of naseous but I think that was because I didn't eat the entire time and for a while before I had started tripping too so I was probably just super hungry so I would eat beforehand if I were you.

    In all honesty trying to plan out activities is worthless for a first time shroom trip. When I did it my buds and I set up mad video games, movies, and music to experience while we were tripping but most of it we forgoed to just walk around outside and stare at random shit in my house lol. You can try and keep a trip journal but you're gonna find it pretty hard to write legibly after a while, not to mention it's impossibly hard to describe in words what you will feel. You'll still remember most of the stuff though, it isn't like weed, my first shroom trip was over a year ago but I still remember most of my experiences very clearly..

    That's my 2 cents, as long as you keep a positive mindset you'll enjoy yourself thoroughly, if you feel yourself bugging out just tell yourself that "it's just the shrooms and it'll be over in a couple of hours" and you can usually calm yourself down. Make sure that there won't be any unintentional interruptions while you're tripping, it's one way to absolutely kill a high.

    Oh and about the mirror thing it all depends on the person. When we were on my shrooms my friends and I tried to hotbox the bathroom (keyword: tried lol) and thought it was awesome looking at my features warp in the mirror, then I looked at my friend and he had the most retarded expression on my face and burst into uncontrollable laughter for like 10 minutes :D.

    You'll definetely have fun man, just typing all this info in the thread is making me want to do it again so bad, enjoy yourself!
  14. throw em in a pb and j sandwich or just with bread... oj works fine too but it wont mask the taste as much, personally i dont mind the taste of em
  15. People freak out about the taste too much..
    They're just dry mushrooms.
    Not that bad really.
  16. Personally would try to stay away from video games, tvs, whatever.

    Have a good long playlist picked out, and jus tleave it running. You may or may not be able to further operate it once under the influence.
    (technology baffles the minds of those pyschedelically impaired ;))

    Honestly, you will fiund mor ethan enough to entertain you I'm sure. Explore the house youll be in, you have no idea what wonders you may find.

    If you are thinking of planned activities, keep in mind, the simpler the better. Complex logical processes do not work on mushrooms.

    Have some fruit to snack on, plenty of weed, maybe some paper and pencils/crayons.

    Step outside if you can, but keep in mind oyu will get cold much more easily.

    Thats about all I have to suggest, safe and happy tripping my friend.
  17. Always be sure of your sources, ESPECIALLY when it comes to shrooms! :wave:
  18. If my rep counted at one bar, I'd rep ya. Well, I still will, but I don't think it counts. D:...

    Anyway, thank you :3... I think I have a playlist sorted out; songs include
    Of Montreal
    Porcupine Tree
    The Dissociatives
    Super Furry Animals
    Sigur Ros
    Opeth's acoustic stuff
    Pink Floyd

    Any other recommendations would be appreciated. ^^

    The friend I'll be tripping with ate a half-eighth the other day and drew an AMAZING picture (and by amazing I mean absolutely hilarious.) He said he was laughing the whole time. XD... I can't wait!
  19. Tool. Listen to the entire album Lateralus if you can.
  20. Ah! A great idea. We'll do one better and watch the DVD singles! Hehe.

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