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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Apr 28, 2002.

  1. Hey sportsfans!

    How's life treating ya?

    And to anybody that I've been having an internet affair with.....was it good for you? Was I any good? What exactly happened? I seemed to have missed the whole thing! Did I have fun?

    I got to admit, I'm a little embarassed about having personal issues broadcasted, and I've been accused of almost every despicable act you can think of.

    But, I also feel very humble and warmed by your response's to Patch when she was in full attack mode. Y'all made me feel awful good!

    Things have advanced and after much negotiations we've decided to continue to make each other miserable again. I guess that's my cynical bastard way of saying we're going to give it another try.

    It ain't gonna be easy, but I've now heard some things that I really needed to hear from her. We've let a lot bad things happen to our union for the last several years. But it sometimes takes a train wreck to get the tracks fixed!

    The one thing we've both learned, and I'm passing this along to everyone in the hopes that maybe they can avoid the same pitfalls, is that life is way too short to hold on to passed hurts! It takes too much of life's energy to harbor hatred and pain. LET IT GO! Let's eradicate bitterness in our lifetime!

    At some point along the way, we quit forgiving each other for pains we'd caused each other. It just got ugly from there. Learning the art of forgiveness is time well spent!

    So it looks like I'll be stopping by a little more often now. Did y'all save my seat?

    Thank you all again for your words of kindness!

    El Smoko de Okie
  2. Hell yeah we've been savin' your seat, here, let me dust it off for ya!!:wave:

    Gonna be a LOT of happy Blades to "see" ya back!!!!! Welcome back to this "Home" too!! :smoking:
  3. Welcome back, and what great advice.

    Is it really a matter of just letting it go, or was it a matter of discussing it and making your feelings known (in a constructive way of course)?

    **still laughing at the duster, cb!**
  4. Hey brother whatcha doing.

    Communication is the key. What happened in the past can only change the future. The way it changes depends on you two.
    Best of luck for the both of ya. My best wishes to ya and the misses. I hope the girls are doing great.

    Keep the faith my friend!
  5. OK you guys out yer Stonie sis exactly do you try to communicate with someone who doesn't really like to talk.....I'm not a real 'talker' myself. I find keeping my mouth shut keeps everyone from figuring out what a dumass I really am. Really, though, I'd love to feel comfortable talking with him..........I just don't.

    Smoky-glad 2 see you 2 are gonna stick it out. The past can be hard to get over sometimes. Lately, with the way things have been in the world, I think we should all consider our futures and let go of the past. Love and hugs to you and yours........and lots of good luck.
  6. Glad to see our best story-teller back on board! I hope you guys continue to work through things and find your love to be stronger than ever. hugs to you, patch, and the girls!!
  7. It won't be easy,,guaranteed...Both of you be strong,,reach for each other,,try not to push have alot of years together to give up best wishes to you and your family....


  8. You don't have to much trouble talking here. Maybe you need to start with your significant other by writing a note. Just a thought.

    Number two the only reason you are a dumb ass is because you don't communicate. Talking is the way to learn what is wrong and how to fix it!
  9. "If someone says they forgive you of something, but then brings it back up in an arguement, they have never forgave you for it in thr first place and have been lying about forgiveness" Mrs Big Poppa Puff

    Peace to you!

  10. That is so true but only in true life. Some people live on fantasy island!
  11. I WOULD LIKE TO RESPOND HERE !!!!by saying thanks to the blades who were defenitly a light in a dark time. Im happy to say i feel real good about whats to come in the feuture !!! My little rose collerd glasses were realy always on & i did wonder if we could be fixed and get bigger & better & who better to find that out w/ than some one youv been with through hell & high water ya know !!!! smokie i luv ya honey , it feels good to be able to let go best wishes to both of us !!!!!! luv luv patch
  12. patch, that's GOT to be the most Heart-warming reply to a post I've ever seen!!!! :hello: Luck, Love,and BIG ole'Buds, to th two of ya!!!!! :hello: :smoking:
  13. That is sooo sweet!!!! You guys are so lucky to both realize the problems and really want to fix it together. I'm jealous!!!! LOL!!!
    Oh yeah......get a room!!!!!!!!!! I can't take all this mushy shit!!!

  14. This new crop has given me the ability to see into the future....

    And I can predict some heavy-duty make-up sex happening out in Oklahoma!
  15. And you thought I was walkin this way cause I was saddle sore! ;)

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