Ya, so I just got my bubbler, grinder, and bud jacked...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ramones4d, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. So I let my dumbass friend take my stuff with him because I don't wanna keep all of it in my car and I get it all jacked. :(

    So I'm leaving my buddies house last night and I give my grinder, bub and weed to him to hold on to. The other day my buddy's mom finds bud in his car so he's sketched out about leaving the backpack full of stuff in his car, SO he leaves it in his front yard hidden in a bush at about midnight last night. For whatever reason he lets it sit out there for about 2 hours and the whole backpack is gone. He also had a brand new 100 dollar blue dot bong, another small bong, his weed, and other stuff in there and now its all gone.

    Just feel like venting. Why do people do this shit? :(
  2. you cant trust high friends

    u gotta take time to think

    like do i really wanna leave my shit wit this guy?

    Prevents shit from happenin
  3. yeah i dont trust my friends with any of my stuff, it just doesnt work out lol.

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