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ya know...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. when you cant feel your can take big ass hits of smoke.
  2. have you got an open chest cavity or something?

    or do you just shove your hand right down your throat?

    i have to admit... i've never tried feeling my lungs... let alone whilst taking a hit from a bong.

    oh! now i get it!

    since i cannot and have never felt my lungs, this means i've always taken "big ass hits of smoke" ;)
  3. Hmmmm I never had my lungs to hurt.

    I just take slow, long, hard hits.

    I guess you get used to it after a while!
  4. well theres always been kind of a sting that my lungs are sufficiently covered in tar..ii have a protective barrier..and yep

    digits back:p
  5. Lets smoke some weeeeeed..
  6. okay okay i admit that ONCE, only once i took too large of pull, not ladylike at all THANK GWD I WAS ALONE........coughed an coffed till i puked. theres a couple of fellers been waitin fer that shit to happen to me. i never told my little secret till now. hellaof buzztho....lesson learned
    *toke like that in private :D
  7. any type of vocal movement with lungs full of smoke is bad...very bad...sept talking..thats ok sometimes.

  8. yep yep, I hate it when I take a HUGE hit n accidently swallow it n end up havin smoke in my stomach, eww

  9. ditto

  10. yeah, me too

  11. thats hillarious, did the room have a twingwe of pot in the air afterwards?
  12. yea cool man

  13. lol! that sounds like a good idea, I think i'll try it;)
  14. maybe the teacher was a pothead :D

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