Ya know what really grinds my gears?

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  1. Well I have this friend Josh, we were having a decent hack sesh when he asks me if I smoked before class. I didn't so I said I didn't, then he goes on about how he blazed a "fat ass" spliff before class in our friend Joel's car. He then went on about how everything was "fucked up" after smoking. When I asked him what was so fucked up about things he just said "because I smoked a spliff". He says stuff like this all the time and it pisses me off, I can't stand people like that who can't even go into any detail about why things are "fucked up" but they just are because weed was smoked. Sorry for the seemingly pointless rant but it's one of those stoner peeves to me I guess.

    Anyone know someone like this?
  2. That doesen't even make sense, that's "fucked up"
  3. I mean he says everything is "fucked up" when he smokes without giving specifics as to what's fucked up and how its fucked up. It pisses me off beyond belief because I fail to see how anything simple is "fucked up" when I smoke

    Call me petty call me what you will, it just annoys me
  4. he's just looking for attention
  5. He was probably fucked up
  6. lol probably got fucked up from the weed, it can do that sometimes, get you stoned.

    Thats the effect.
  7. *performs e-drive by.

    i made a thread with this same title.

  8. He doesn't say that the weed is whats fucking him up.......

    For example: we light up, me- "oh shit a cat just ran across the street" him- "thats so fucked up" Stuff like this being said with no reasoning why its "fucked up"
  9. maybe his mind is just... fucked up?

  10. Lol I know 2 people named josh and joel that smoke and are still in school. where state you in
  11. hahaha me and my friends do that all the time when were stoned :smoke:
  12. why does he have to explain himself to you anyways, i think that's pretty fucked up

  13. If he brings it up in conversation and I happen to question what it is he's talking about so I can be more specifically involved in said conversation how is that "fucked up"?

    Now you sound like my friend

    and I meant class as in college, and if that's what you meant, I live in NY

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