Ya Know What Hunny, Terry had THC In Her System.

Discussion in 'General' started by fAKdded, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. holy shit haha

    what a bitch and a half
  2. BAM!

    haha that made my day.
  3. lol i saw this vid the other day on another forum and was goin to post it but got to blazed and forgot
  4. lol thats a funny vid.. i saw it yesturday on break.com lol
  5. jesus that sounded hard.
  6. holy FUCK that was a hard punch
  7. lol yeah, I saw this on the pearl drummers forum.
    it's pretty damn funny
  8. I'd like to know the story behind this...
  9. The woman who punched was a parent, and the woman who got punched was a teacher.
    It sounds like the teacher is saying something like "terry had THC in her system" so maybe it was a school incidedent and maybe was busted for reefer.

    The parent may have been upset and punched her for being a bitch. I guess.
  10. dude thats nuts. that punch noise sounded hokey though. that lady can hit lol
  11. she hit her right in the teeth so im sure her hand didnt feel all that well afterwards
  12. i saw it on another forum to what forum did you see it on i saw it on cd-helper
  13. hahahahaha i hella saw that on break.com also, i was hella laughing , and did this time too hahaha its so funny

  14. HAHA me too! i was gonna post but i could tell if she was saying THC or not

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