Ya know what? California sucks

Discussion in 'General' started by s3v loves you, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Hahaha you are full of shit my man. You are probably a giant butt hole with arms and legs.
    Yeah there are areas that are less than ideal but worst city in CA, really? Worse than Oakland, San Bernardino, Victorville or Bakersfield? I don't think so.
  2. Sounds like somebody couldn't make it in San Diego, had to leave, and is now crying like a little bitch about it. The air smells just fine to me. Maybe that butthole smell is coming from your upper lip.

    And how the fuck am I talking out of my butthole? The link you provided shows average teacher salary for the state of California. If you would have bothered to scroll down on that link you would have seen the list for highest paid school districts in California. Guess what? San Diego wasn't on it. That's because San Diego is one of the lowest paying districts in California. San Diego also has one of the highest costs of living in California.

    I'm the one related to a teacher, knows how much she made to start, knows how much she makes now, and knows how much money she has to spend every year just to buy supplies for classroom, yet I'm the one talking out of my butthole?

    I could pretty much just rip a big fart out of my butt hole right now and make more sense than you.
  3. lmao @ Victorville. I used to live in Apple Valley with my ex 12 something years ago. Victorville was a step up from Apple Valley. But both places are shit holes of all shit holes.
  4. So glad I got out of CA.

    Definitely never living there again. Over populated, over priced, and way over rated.
  5. Hopefully with the whole legalization in Colorado and Washington more and more people leave Cali. Ya'll can have that mess ;)

  6. Hopefully more people will head to Colorado. Seems like that's where most people are headed because you can grow there too.
  7. Fuck... I'm moving to LA in a month with some friends. This got me depressed and I was all excited before.
  8. Lol nobody wants to live in your frost bitten hell hole anyway!...... Except for me ;(

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  9. Hahaha don't listen to anyone. Go in with no expectations and make up your own mind about whether or not you like it. Personally I couldn't live in LA but its fun to visit. Everyone I know who lives there fucking loves it.
  10. [quote name='"Storm Crow"']You dudes are judging California by its cities! Try heading into the mountains! You will find real people, lower rent and plenty of pot! And the (2) crosswalks in my town work just fine- they are only a couple years old! :eek: Before then, we didn't even have a stop light! lol

    My backyard chickens are laying, the air is clean and clear, the views are magnificent and I get my spring water free from the headwaters of the Sacramento River! My bank teller recognizes my voice if I call to get my balance. The store clerks greet me by my name. Life is good in rural California :D - you can keep the big cities! :p

    (It isn't all perfect- the job market sucks!)

    Granny :wave:[/quote]

    This. Cali is the shit. I never want to leave this place. Op you seem to be talking about the shitty so cal. Come up north. You will never want to leave.
  11. You can grow in any medical state. Same rules as Cali, 6 mature plants.
  12. lol I love how Nor Cal folk think the grass is greener on their side of the coast. Too funny.
  13. Beautifull cali is beautifull cali, stop dividing it in half like that.
    Every sate has assholes.
    it takes certain personalities to live in california, just like it takes a city like personality to live in New york. California is the most diverse state in america. you have everything here...i live in the desert of socal, but drive an hour north and my dad lives in some of the best moutains in Socal. drive an hour south and i have malibu beach. It is what it is.[​IMG]
  14. i was reading some article the other day, about how some person broke into someones house in california, and the person shot the intruder, and the intruder is now suing the homeowner for medical bills.....i don't think i would like it there very much, if someone can break into my place, and i shoot them, and they sue me...how fucked up is that?

  15. what does that have to do with california? lol
    dude wouldnt even be living to sue me if he broke into my house when i was present.

    like i said,it takes certain personalities to live in cali.

  16. I'm pretty sure that doesn't just happen in California :rolleyes:

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