Ya know what? California sucks

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  1. Best place to live would be Huntington Beach . Love that place, atmosphere, people, food, nice beach side campfire .
  2. Pasadena is dope too.
  3. Agreed. Pasadena is pretty cool.
  4. People try to break into my house constantly in Cali, so it made me harder than I used to be, less trusting, more suspicious, aware etc.

    This place changes everybody, the prison unions control everything, it's a police state, illegal immigrants have broken the system and their gang member kids and welfare habits have destroyed our economy and since they're in the majority and have 10 kids each, they vote to keep people in office who give them a free ride, everyone who works and supports them is leaving and the state is so freakin broke.

    The public schools are over run with gangs, teen pregnancy, and violence. They're also bilingual, so they slow down for one student and the whole class suffers. They build fences around schools and lock students in to prevent gang wars, so they resemble prisons.

    Nobody works and those who do get exploited here. Seems everyone's an idiot, the college system sucks, is so expensive and political (but that could be true everywhere).
    Everyones a hustler and people who do for others are looked at suspiciously. The first question anyone asks is, "what do I get out of it" and it seems everyone is always working an angle.

    The taxes are high and owning a business here is nearly impossible without going broke from politics. The gun laws suck ass and this is the only state that tracks your gun purchases and keeps you In a doj database after you sell your guns.

    The schools teach everyone that we are the same and equal (which we all know is utter bs) and the no tolerance policy means the cops get called no matter what. I have a brother in jail because he was the male in a sexual relationship where both parties were underage, though she was 17 and he was 16. He is incarcerated for being a teenager.

    Everything I've posted I've experienced first hand and anyone who doesn't believe me can come to central California and stay a month. No joke, it'll blow your mind.

    I could go on and on but nobody would believe just how fucking terrible this state is until an illegal stabs you for taking their lacense plate number after they smashed into your parked car and the cops laugh and tell you so what, you don't have any rights here....citizen. Lmao.
  5. Palmdale, come back tooooo me I need you and Iloooovr you baby

  6. wish I could have southern California all to myself
  7. San Diego is a great place to live. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with the OP. If you almost got hit 7 times crossing the street, maybe you need to learn how to walk. The 7-11 by my apartment has 2 1 liter bottles of Smart Water for $2. I used to live and go to high school by SDSU. The women are hot. You just gotta have some game. I live in the heart of downtown SD and I just tell the homeless people to back the fuck up before I knock their last remaining tooth in their mouth out. Yeah its expensive, but you can always move to Buttfuck, Nebraska. I'm sure they got some cheap rent there.

    Where the fuck did you get your info? Did you just pull that number out of your ass? My sister is a teacher in the San Diego Unified School District. The starting salary for a teacher in SDUSD is $38,599. They are over-worked and underpaid.

    Wait a minute...if they're illegal how do they vote? Every "illegal" has 10 kids? Sounds like you just hate Mexicans. Well, we're 25% of the population in California, so you're just gonna have to deal with it. Maybe you should just get the fuck out of Cali. Oh wait, you can't, all the "illegals" are clogging up the freeways. Be careful, NONE of us have insurance!
  8. I'm Mexican now what?

    I never even mentioned Mexicans. Sounds like you're the one with the problem.
  9. Sounds like you hate yourself.
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    Sounds like you hate me lol. I wasn't talking about Mexicans either. No I was talking about a lot of groups of people. When I was living in southern Cali, one of my schools was trying to force mandarin. My brother who got arrested for having sex is mexican and the girl is white. The guy who hit my car in the story, Asian, none of my family have more than 4 kids.

    You're projecting hate. If you think one group is responsible, which it seems you do, that's your problem. Everyone is milking this system dry.

    I live in the barrio son.
  11. At least u dont have to live with the pure ignorance, boredom and xenophobia of shithole rural areas

  12. Don't hate you at all...just debating. And when most people mention illegal immigrants and Cali, they're talking about Mexicans. Touchy subject...I apologize if I was wrong.
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    It's all good lol. If it makes you feel any better, I dunno any white people lol. True story.:eek::p

    And I'm out the door....

    No truthfully though I used to hate my culture til I understood it. None of my family from Mexico tries to burn the system. It's my first and second generation cousins who don't want to work for shit and join gangs and sell drugs and give the rest of my family a bad name. It's been rough for me cuz I look white but everyone in my family is Indian, mexican or black. Was talking the other day with a friend who's cousin got locked up and had to join peckerwoods(whites) cuz he had blue eyes and had guiterez tatted on his chest. It's fucked man.
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    1. Stop harping on the goddamn embellishment by the OP over the price of water. I think what is worth pointing out is that drinking the tap water in SoCal is out of the question. If you want water it needs to be bottled, and with water being the element of life I can safely say that the people are obviously as sour as the tap down there. After spending some time in Oregon, and drinking their sweet 30ppm out the tap water, I wouldn't be caught dead drinking that recycled piss you SoCal kids call hydration. I feel like I have to shower after a shower to get that sulfur smell off of myself.

    2. San Diego is the Butthole of California. And that's saying something with Barstow and Oakland in the mix. Smell the air. Smells like butthole. Taste the water. Tastes like butthole. Talk to the people. They talk like buttholes. San Diego's incorporated township of Chula Vista may be the worst place I have ever seen in California. It sure is no Berkley.

    3. While the starting pay does change district to district I will gladly provide you with a link http://www.sacbee.com/2011/01/26/995141/see-how-well-your-school-district.html See. Now you are the one talking out of your butthole. Er... I mean.. Speaking from San Diego.
  15. that's the price to pay for living

    in the golden state where everything else is perfect
  16. Idk where you live pokesmot but it sounds terrible lol. I leave my door unlocked sometimes when I lose my keys and nothings ever been taken. I haven't had any of the problems you've talked about and I used to live in a city where people get shot every day. I've never been in a fight, never had a problem with the cops and I walk down the street smoking out of my pipe sometimes. Maybe you just have bad luck or you live in an even shittier area then I used to?
  17. im going going back back to cali cali
  18. Careful collecting that water Granny
  19. Gubermint bullying
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    lol such great topics !


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