Ya know what? California sucks

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  1. People who live there may be in denial, but the cost of living in California is significantly higher than elsewhere.

    When you go to a grocery store or a mall in CA everything is a few dollars more than it is just 1 state away here in Vegas. The gas is also MUCH more expensive...huge increase there. California gas is regularly 25-50 cents per gallon more expensive than Vegas gas. Don't forget utilities, which are also more expensive in California. Also I have no state income tax here in NV so that's a huge expense that Californians endure (and their state government is still broke as a joke).

    Also the roads can be pretty bad in California. Not as bad as the East coast, but definitely not as nice as a lot of other places. The roads are small, old, shitty, and worst of all in the cities THERE IS NO PARKING.

    I love vacationing in California. But I wouldn't be happy living there.
  2. Fucking this. I live in a semi-rural town on the central coast, known for our wines (hint) and even though we have like 30,000 it still has to small town feel if your grow up here. Everyone goes to one high school, so you know everyone in your age group, their parents, grandparents, etc. People are mostly friendly here and usually quite helpful, that is until the alcohol flows but it's like that everywhere. Plus the beach is 30 minutes from my house :hello:.

    And ya everything is more expensive, but it's really not a big deal if you have lived in the state all your life. Comparing our cost of living to other states is like comparing the U.S. to other countries, different strokes... live off the grid like all the old hippies up in northern cali, or move away.
  3. if it doesnt touch the ocean it doesnt matter.
  4. I smoked back when I joined. Can't anymore
  5. i have lived in 7 states, including california. it was the worst place ive ever lived in. i'd rather live in nebraska or wyoming or arkansas than california. everything in cali is expensive as all fuuuuuck. a big mac meal from mcdonalds cost 8.50. a gallon of regular gas is 4.25. rent is regularly 900+ for a small, shitty, scorpion infested 1 bedroom apartment. traffic is terrible no matter where you go. the people are ruder than anywhere else in america. they all have their head stuck up their ass. people are obsessed with money, they will have $2000 spinning rims and a $1000 sound system in their nasty dented fucked up barely running chevy caprice or crown vic. either that or a $100,000 mercedes or porsche. gangs are every where, NO where is safe from burglary, robbery, assault, random murder for initiation, etc. it is way too fucking crowded. the weather is the same everyday. if it rains for even 15 minutes there will be 30 accidents on every major road and people will drive 30mph in the passing lanes of a 4+ lane freeway. road rage is terrible.

    this is all coming from someone who lived in california from 2002-2007 in 4 different cities throughout southern and central california.

  6. maybe you're just poor, guillible, sensitive, ugly and terrible at navigating?
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  7. people need to know the differences between socal and norcal too.
    grew up in norcal, been to socal several times.
    it's like they're completely 2 different places.

    people are all blabbing about seasons and shit like california doesn't have any. when where i grew up i had all 4 seasons.
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  8. its true, norcal and socal are tooooottally different. everything i drescribed in my first post was def mostly socal. norcal i loved, it was like livin in the country but with california laws lol. anything souuth of the bend really just sucks. same with new jersey (lived there too). north jersey (NYC and philadelphia suburban hell) is completely and drastically different than south jersey (farms, hills and nice people. and thebest sweet corn in the US)
  9. i think california is awesome. i'm very proud to be from there. we have everything. :)
  10. everyone be sippin on that haterade!!
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    I never get lost. I love california honestly.

    I used to live in northern cali and now I live in socal.. SD area. The people in norcal are more real and very chill. But I met the best friends I ever had here (socal). No problems with fakeness.

    I love the weather and the food. You go to norcal and you have the woods, colder weather and beaches. You go to socal and you have year round sunny-ness and beautiful clean beaches. Also the mexican food in San Diego is better than any other part of cali imo.

    As long as you stay away from the general LA area and San Diego you'll meet lots of good people. Good people do seem to be more common in norcal though. And lol every crosswalk I've ever used has worked... so yeah Idk whats going on there.

    And its not as expensive in norcal. Its actually pretty cheap. I used to live in a 3bd 2bath duplex for $875 a month. And in socal if you move to Temecula, Murrietta, Hemet, Lake Elsinore, etc. you can find 5 bd houses for rent for $2000 a month. I know, I've been doing research... thinking about moving.
  12. Dude...i agree south cali scks cause most people who live in la are fags...but northern cali is awesome! We have the best weed and a shit on of people smoke (even some of my teachers)...honestly id hate to live anywhere else in the us ( Colorado would be nice cause they have good bud too) but anywhere else id probably have a thc deficiency from shitty weed haha...i mean where else can u get half os for 30 bucks of really dank shitt?
  13. Born and raised in San Jose and now residing near Sacramento. Wouldn't trade it for anything! It's more expensive then anywhere else ya maybe, but like somebody else said if you are from here and live here then you are used to it. Me and my gf share a spacious 1bd apt for 770$/mo. The best dank and usually very cool people. There will be douchebags wherever you go.

    SoCal is different so idk about there
  14. Is the northern part of California legit?
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    glad i live 2500 miles away.... :bongin:

    in reality the city is the city no matter where you go...

    i've lived in several major cities and they are all the same.. high prices,some homeless,some good parts of town,some bad... and on and on...

    me... i grew up in the country and wouldn't trade it for the world...

    I can deal with uptight,rude,obnoxious folks of the city and all the crap that goes with it however only in very very small doses..

    wont go back to live but maybe to visit
  16. Another troll who has never been to Cali.

  17. It is. I love northern cali. The people are very down to earth and its not that expensive. The weed is amazing. That's where most of its grown. The weather is cooler up there and you're closer to the woods and mountains. I'm actually thinking about moving back to norcal once I finish my schooling. The only downside was in the area I lived in (salinas, monteray area... the towns John Steinback wrote about) the beaches weren't that clean.

    I don't get why people complain about it being expensive here... its CALIFORNIA we have basically everything in one state. Beaches, deserts, farmland, woods, mountains (and snow on those mountains). No shit its going to be expensive. But like I said northern cali is cheap and some parts of southern cali are as well.
  18. Not every person is suited to live in every place. I love the mountains, the quiet and peacefulness and the absolute BEAUTY of them. Cool fresh air, mellow people, slow paced life. But I also enjoy cities. The diverse people, the night life, the excitement of so much going on at one time. Always something to see and do.
    I don't think I could ever live in the desert. Or the midwest. Or Alaska haha. But to many people that is the only place they would enjoy living.
    Everyone is different and enjoys different environments. To write off an entire area (or a whole state) just because there are aspects you don't like is dumb.

  19. Ive heard of palmdale but on my most recent trip to cali i went thru it and i just got to say what a fucking shit hole. Cali is a nice place to visit but i wouldnt want to live there. Wayyyyy to over populated for me. I like my peaceful new england town away from the hub bub
  20. Palmdale is still a developing city, of course it's a shit hole at this point. It's a desert. But it is cheaper to live there and it's not crowded.

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