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Ya know what? California sucks

Discussion in 'General' started by s3v loves you, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Everything is expensive as fuck. Everybody tries to hustle you. People are rude. Girls are snobs. Way too easy to get lost. Crosswalks don't work.

    I don't wanna go back, but I have to. Fuck

  2. that's why i moved to CO for college, and probably for good :p :smoking:
  3. do you enjoy CO as much as you did CA? I'm thinkin about making that very same move myself. A lot of my family lives out there.

  4. don't get me wrong, i loved Orange County for the weather, the beach, the food, LA/SD, lots of things to do, etc ... but the people, greed, and overall mindset just totally deterred me from ever wanting to live there.

    CO is so much nicer in my opinion. NICE, down to earth people, great food, great weed, we actually have seasons, ski resorts, beautiful women and not mention legal weed! :hello:
  5. No shit Sherlock, point out the obvious. Rent is more expensive because you are in the middle of EVERYTHING. There are cheap places though. Ever heard of Palmdale? What else is expensive as fuck? Our bud prices have come down drastically in the last 5 years.

    And no one is hustling no one out here unless you're a pushover, people will see that in you anywhere you go and try to take advantage of you.

    Girls are snobs? stop hanging out with those silly ass youngins. There are plenty of fine women out here who have a good head on their shoulders.

    How the fuck can you get lost? Anything electronic has some sort of GPS these days..Jesus!

    Crosswalks don't work? Mo'fucka you high?

    You know what, don't come back son!
  6. Damn you get lost in Ca?

    I know my way through So.Cal atleast like the back of my hand,so maybe you meant northern ca?

    But I agree with you on pretty much everything else though.
  7. Colorado is getting crowded we dont need anymore people trying to move here, move on good sir

  8. debbie downer over here.. you must be from Boulder :p
  9. I'm not talking about rent, that's not a problem. A fucking bottle of water is almost $5. I'm not talking about weed prices, I don't even smoke.

    Everytime I go into the city, someone will start a conversation with me and then ask for money or a drink. Beggars and con artists everywhere.

    I live in San Diego. SDSU. Almost every girl is 18-22, if that's what you mean by youngins. When I do finally get into a conversation with a girl, it always goes to weed. Now I don't blame these girls one bit, I'd be smoking if I could, but is it really that big of a deal?

    As for getting lost, I come from a small town. Nothing makes sense in Cali. I do use my GPS, still get lost. This complaint is mostly just a personal thing, I just don't belong in a city.

    And if I have the walk symbol, but traffic doesn't stop..doesn't that mean that the crosswalks don't work? This has happened to me like 7 times, I almost got hit by a car the first time lol
  10. You dudes are judging California by its cities! Try heading into the mountains! You will find real people, lower rent and plenty of pot! And the (2) crosswalks in my town work just fine- they are only a couple years old! :eek: Before then, we didn't even have a stop light! lol

    My backyard chickens are laying, the air is clean and clear, the views are magnificent and I get my spring water free from the headwaters of the Sacramento River! My bank teller recognizes my voice if I call to get my balance. The store clerks greet me by my name. Life is good in rural California :D - you can keep the big cities! :p

    (It isn't all perfect- the job market sucks!)

    Granny :wave:

  11. i loooooooove the mountains of CA, but there are few jobs for engineers so i doubt i will ever live there while i'm working age :p
  12. A bottle of water is $1 in most places of Los Angeles. Are you drinking some special water or something?

    I've never had a stranger ask me for money or a drink. Unless you're talking about homeless people. They are everywhere bud, not just California.

    Get used to driving on a freeway. No left or right turn, you go straight and take your exit.

    Must be a San Diego thing. In LA when you have the walk icon flashing, cars actually stop. They do not proceed until it's a green light for them.
  13. I'm so jealous. I'm from Rhode Island, and I just went to Leadville, CO for the first time in August. Everything and everybody is just so epically awesome and laid back....I'm saving up as we speak to move there for good :D

    Sorry for side tracking OP, yeah Cali sucks ill never go there, except to hike Whitney :D away from all the Dbags.....
  14. maybe you should specify where it sucks

    i grew up in the San Fernando Valley..full of gangs and bad shit i hated it very scary

    but i go to Santa Cruz for college and it completely different...everyone is so nice there since to breathe, you can see stars at night, cops are chill, pot is great

    Im sure you just need you find your place.
  15. california is far overrated, unless its norcal the rest is shit
  16. Its obvious OP has a problem with big cities in general. If you come from a small town, you will most likely hate big cities.
  17. You've never been to Cali period. Please explain to me how NorCal is better than SoCal or Central Cal for that matter.
  18. Idk were you buy your water. I pay no more than $2 for a bottle of Smartwater or Fiji.

    All the girls I know are chill and laid back. All between 20 and 24.

    Crosswalks work just fine, pretty sure it's common sense to look both ways before you cross a street.

    California is great
  19. Sounds kind of like new york. At least your weed is cheap brah.
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    how do you know where i have and haven't been, are you god? yea i didn't think so.

    and im not going to explain myself to you California sucks for the most part, thats my opinion if you don't like it then ignore it

    but you are right about the comment above that one, im from small town and i hate big citys with a passion.

    and i have lived all over this country cali was by far my least favorite place out of them all

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