Ya herd....

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  1. Check it.

    Ol picture of some of my babies.


    My cat with some of the product.





  2. niiice man, looks like you been smoking some good homegrown

    how much u get dry
  3. nice plants man... those look very nice
  4. That's how we do smokin on some dank and sippin on some 40s. Im tore tha fuck upp nice nugs man.
  5. Aient smokin on it yet.

    They still gon dry for 2-3 days.

    Then cure them for a couple weeks to a month.

    The buds you see is one plant, Appeared to be more of a indica by the leaves n shit.

    Still got one more going, Watin to see amber and gon harvest it and dry those.

    Right now, Each one of those buds you see hangin weighs about 20 grams. So im hopin each one dry will be about a eighth.

    Its gon be some fire.
  6. oh true, i didnt look at the date

    looks bomb though
  7. don't forget the 11th commandment, "thou shall share" Just kidding man enjoy +rep
  8. All together the one plant yall see drying weighs a lil over a ounce.

    Now onto stage 2, Other plant harvesting tonight and setting up to dry.

    So end up with 2-3 ounces of fire for free, Cant complain.
  9. take a sniff of the buds for me plz:wave:
  10. can you explain the curing process to me? I've searched but found nothing...
  11. i know most of the curing process from experience and searching and reading on here, you gotta put the nugs in mason jars/glass jars or ziploc bags after they after done drying upside down and you trim off all the unwanted leaves so you have just bud... then you put the buds in jars/ziplocs in a cool dry place ie. closet and 4-5x a day you just open the jar/ziploc up to let fresh air in and so the buds dont mold, and just keepin smoking and as each day passes the curing makes the buds taste better and the smoke you hit is smoother. thanks im sure someone can add more take care hope that helps
  12. Bump!

    Will take pics of the new batch within a day or two.

    First batch is curing now, Second batch is drying.

    Actually bout to smoke about 2 joints of it in about half hour or so.

    Its not really cured yet, But its jus some tiny buds n shit, Wanna try it out lol.

    Will see how the buzz is.
  13. wow wonderful lookin crop
    so how much does all that wonderful ganja weigh?
    smoke any yet?
  14. Nice grow man what strain is that jus sum dank bagseed? nice buds enjoy hehe:smoking:
  15. looks great. enjoy that danky smoke son:wave:
  16. good job meng now reward urself smoke a half o blunt to the dome!!
  17. Niiice buds bud! I'm choppin my first later today,i'm just setting up my dry room at the moment. How much did it all weigh in the end?

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