y I think weed laws havent changed yet...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by negligent, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. y do i think the laws havent changed?? its because the world has became a buncha pussies and we're unmotivated... i mean from what i've learned in history class's, when people wanted a change, they protested, rioted, and killed people and they got thier way, well we need to pull some hardcore shit like in the old days and start off wit some mass peaceful protest at first and if that dont work out.... then we get a lil rough and riot, anybody agree?
  2. ..its all about hte man.. man, keepin us down!! oprresion! rise up! Blackpower!... ..lets take down whitey!
  3. This generation is lazy, simple as that. All those rights movements of the 60's and 70's were successful because the people went out and busted their asses to make a change. They protested constantly and let their voice be heard. Today's generation just sits at home waiting for somebody else to do it. It's sad really. If you really want to make a change you need to get the media on your side, because the media in theory controls the law. The law always caves in to peer pressure and nobody comes as close as the media in terms of peer pressure. Politicians don't care about the people, they care about their reputation and only the media can place a huge hit on their rep. And the only way to get the media's attention is to protest, or stir up trouble in large groups. If the people stop being so damn lazy we'll see a change, I can guarentee it. Pressure is the key.
  4. i know why (i just watched penn and tellers "bullshit" on legalizing marijuana so im pumped full of info)

    i think its because are govenment has no idea what they are doing. it doesnt make any sense that we have alcohol and tobacco legal and MJ isnt. its all just because our government is scared of shit they dont know about. so if we inform our congress people about the benifits of MJ then mabey they could reconsider SO INFORM YOUR CONGRESS PERSON http://stopthedrugwar.org/medicalmarijuana/ do it now.

    so to sum it all up, its because our govenment is ingnorent

    (thanks RMJL for the link)
  5. I think its cause we never protest n shit like all those stupid ppl do lol hey it gets tha job done but i dont think we could all get together all stoned and put up a fight lol so we might have to bring say some Home made RPG's a few machine guns bought off tha black market and that mini gun just incase they dont agree :p

  6. just gotta say, thats an awesome show and i have that episode on my computer. Bob weiner is a faggot
  7. well, our generation is lazy, i do agree with that, but comparing the rights movements to this isn't a valid comparison though..... people were getting lynched and their lives were being destroyed and whatnot, so they had a little more incentive to riot/protest/kill people, but how many weed smokers are going to go out protest and riot unless they have been arrested or have lost something due to pot being illegal..... we just gotta wait till the old bastards in congress die off then maybe we can vote some better people that are a little more open minded in...
  8. I think they haven't changed because the government that creates and changes these laws lies to us and takes pay-offs from alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical companies.

    But there are more and more initiatives making it to ballots!
    We're not alone in wanting it completely legal!

    Check THIS out. There is definitely a lot of support for completely legal cannabis, and we're getting there.

    Let's just hope that the states can pound some sense into the feds with these initiatives.:)

    You folks, get out and vote this november.
    It could be a big step towards turning this prohibition into a rewarding victory for cannabis smokers everywhere, whether you use it (edit) medicinally or recreationally.

  9. Although I totally agree, if we were to confront these ignorant bastards the would never admit defeat and say they were wrong. Its all about reputation and ego for those guys.
  10. I my self believe that if our good friend Mary jane is legalised tha fat gits at the top will put such a hefty tax on to it that many people will turn away this causing more difficulties with people wanting to start uprisings around prices. Whts so bad with the way it is now, it suks having to hide your stash and be in fear but that is a risk everyday most of us take and to me it feels good when i walk past a cop with a joint in my pocket it gives me a feeling of power over the b*******.

  11. Go to jail and ask that question again. Children are growing up without mothers, students are losing their funding for college, hard working Americans are losing their cars, homes, and jobs. And many smokers end up behind bars. It's nice to think you can be sneaky forever but the truth is you never know what's going to happen, and no matter how careful you are a little bit of bad luck can ruin your life. Don't ever be content with hiding because it's not a perfect strategy.

    I'm terrified of getting caught because I fall into the category of losing funding for school. My family just doesn't have the money to pay for college, so I rely on that funding. Without it I'll be forced to work crummy low paying jobs the rest of my life just to survive. All it takes is one case of bad luck and my life is forever altered. Sometimes just thinking about it makes me want to quit smoking, but then I realize that's what the government wants(for me to quit outta fear) and my pride won't let me quit....I can't let them win. If they win then the laws will never change, so I'm prepared to risk my future to make a stand and enjoy my life.

    Not everyone is like me though, and many people have husbands, wives, and children to worry about. It's simply unfair for the innocent people to suffer. I'd like to put our lawmakers in jail for 10 years for enjoying life and see how they like it. Then maybe we'd see a change.

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