Y does liberty haze stretch so much like 200% in the first 2 weeks of flower

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Triffy, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. Linberty haze week 2 of flower stretching bad y is it all liberty haze or just certain phenos?

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  2. Certain phenos will stretch quicker than others. It’s all in the genetics
  3. Yea i understand genetics and all but i have 2 liberty haze that r nearly identical in structure 1 is stretchin for the stars and 1 is not.Strange not complaining as i think it will be a beast
  4. Same smells too? Prolly just different phenos like guy above stated!!

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  5. Yea all smells the same
  6. If you understand genetics then you'd understand there are different phenotypes of strains
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  7. I dont pretend to know everything as i am a new indoor grower myself i understand different phenos what i really wanted to know is y so much stretch but all i get is you dont understand genetics cheers for your help NOT
  8. just because mate.. liberty haze is always going to stretch anyway.. but its like saying why is my brother 3 inches taller than me. their is no answer, other than because thats what nature has dictated
  9. If I came off harsh then I’m sorry but you literally had someone tell you how it was possible and you blew him off by saying “I know genetics” and went on rambling in confusion on what was just explained to you.

    People hunt phenos that’s why they buy regular seed packs so they can kinda find that gem plant. Sounds like you want yours to be shorter so that smaller pheno would be one you could keep as a mother plant so all your Liberty Haze could potentially share that trait.
  10. Cheers everyone waz in a bad mood yesti thanx for advice your right short bushy 1 is the keeper sorry xone92.
  11. They turnin into beasts happy dayz

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