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  1. So i got 3 clamp lights, 3 soft whites, and 3 daylight cfls. I also wanna buy 3 y adapters, and i was wondering if the clamp lights maximum wattage is 150 and the bulbs are 150 each, would that be bad? or would it be ok cuz i have a y adapter? i just dont wanna have a fire or nething. thanx
  2. Are you using cfls?

    If your using cfls your probaly giving us the equavilent rating. I actually have 4 cfls per light clamp and I have 2 of those and its fine. I could probaly add a few more cfls and still not have to worry.
  3. The Y adapter only allows more devices onto the circuit, doesn't change the capacity. So yes it would be bad to put two 150w bulbs (300w total) on a fixture rated at 150w.

    But as The Green Man said, CFLs often market their "equivalent" wattage, which has nothing to do with wattage at all. That's just a shorthand way of them saying that the CFL bulb has about the same (equivalent) light output of an incandescent bulb of that wattage. The real wattage of a 150 equivalent watt CFL is about 42 actual watts. so if that's what you have then no problem running two 42w bulbs (84w total) off that fixture.
  4. ya thats what i was talkin bout. I just wasnt sure what the real wattage was. Can i get those at homedepot? thanx for the help guys.
  5. What y adapters, or the cfls? hd is were I got all my stuff. Thats the light reflectors adapters and cfls. If you look on the side of the box, sometimes in fine print on the front, it will tell you the actual wattage. If you have an actual 150w cfl its going to be pretty big. If you read it carefully it says the watts on the front are equavilent, honestly its really confusing the way they do that. HD is the place man, its where I always go when I need something other then nutes or something only my hydro store has.

    Hope that helps, peace bro. :smoking:
  6. The 150w CFLs are typically about 42 watts actual. The ones you will find at Lowe's or Home Depot are soft white, which won't do much during veg. I stick with 100w daylight CFLs for veg and move up to the 150s for flower. And it is safe to use two 150s in a Y adaptor, as Greenman explained.
  7. Thanx Texarkana Tim and green man, ya i just got on the hd website and they didnt hav the adapters so i wasnt sure.
  8. Lol thats weird. You'll probally have to get someone to show you were they are. When I finally found em I was like wtf why are they over here lol.

    No problem 024atsar, if you ever need any help feel free to hit me up. Peace bro, :smoke:
  9. haha ya i wont no where the fuck to go, thanx man i will def have some more questions in the future.pce
  10. ha forgot to add this.+rep
  11. The bulb's actual wattage should be printed somewhere on the base.

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