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  1. OK, this is my 2nd attempt at growing outdooors, I have 3 plants growing, Big Bang, Lemon Skunk, and Hawiian Snow.

    Started them indoors to get a little jump on 4/15, grew them under three 42 actual watt CFL's too start( i know i need atleast 100 watts but this was better then nothing)

    About 2.5 weeks later, I planted them in the ground outside on May 3rd.

    I used 1 bag of fox farm ocean forest soil per plant.

    As for FERTS i am using this root juice stuff and flora nova one part grow liquid(7,4,10), i always check ph level too.

    These plants have been thru quite a lot, there was a freeze warning 3 times since I planted them in the ground. Luckily they survived because i put 5 gallon buckets over them with blankets on top.

    I also had a major slug problem in the beginning, which you can see in the pictures that some of the leaves are half eaten. ( I used the Beer in a cup trick as you can see in pics)

    The first pictures are of the BIG BANG- she is growing a lot faster then the others and is currently 17 inches tall.

    THe second set of pictures are of the LEMON SKUNK- currently 12 inches tall

    The third set of pics is oddly enough the haze, and is only 7 inches tall. I thought SATIVAS were suppose to grower taller? Oddly this is the shortest and most bushy, but it is possible that I mixed seeds up haha)

    What do you guys think? I am open to ANY SUGGESTIONS..... are my plants too small for being over 1 month old? My spot is in a clearing in the woods and does not get the greatest sunlight, but gets enough.

    First 2 are BIG BANG


    Lemon Skunk(you can see the slug eaten leaves on the bottom)


    HAZE(or so i think?)

  2. i wouldnt worry about them, they are going to be monsters, dont you worry
    that early veg is the way to go, wish i had done that.

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