XXL '09 Freshman Debate

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  1. well, i never really saw a full fledged thread about this. but my question to yall is out of xxl magazines top 10 freshman for this year (wale, cudi, charles, mickey factz, cory gunz, bob, asher, blu, currency, ace hood) who do u think:

    feel free to provide 2 answers for each

    will be most successfulin the industry:
    who got snubbed from the list:
    best rapper on the list:
    worst rapper on the list:
    most underrated:

    for me it have to go like this.

    best rapper: wale/cudi
    worst rapper: ace hood/asher
    most underatted: mickey factz/bob
    who got snubbed: ya boy, drake, cool kids
    most sucessful: cudi/bob. they got da backup of kanye n ti respectively

    what is YOUR opinion of the matter
  2. Ace Hood is not bad at all, he just has no type of flow, he just talks, and Ya Boy, Crooked I, and Joell Ortiz are definetly the best rappers. Anyone who listens to them agrees with me. It's really not even an opinion. Ya Boy > Your favorite rapper today. Unless you like Joell Ortiz or Crooked then they're =
  3. will be most successfulin the industry: wale, cudi, currency,

    who got snubbed from the list:drake, big sean, outasight, k'naan, j cole

    best rapper on the list: its a tough one, none of them can actually ether anyone. i would put my money on either currency or wale.

    worst rapper on the list: charles hamilton hands down. dude drops a mixtape every other day. plus hes saying he could talk to j dilla from beyond the grave. seriously. wtf? i was at a party recently and talkin to this girl, she was perfect. nerdy, thick, hipster, and smoked. but then she told me she really liked charles hamilton. i told her wow thats a mistake. took my bubbler out of her hand and walked away.

    most underrated: mickey factz and cory gunz. mickey just drops bombs on every track. plus hes signed curt@!n$ and melo-x. cory gunz just killed lil wayne on the a milli remix. thats why he was cut out of the original remix cuz he killed lil wayne on his own shit.
  4. Everyone needs to get off Cudi's dick, he can make a cool song, but is not a lyricist, and can't put together an album. And Cory Gunz is NOT underrated, he raps way too fucking fast, and says so much nonsensical shit, it's ridiculous. Actually take time to listen to what he says rather than just blindly giving him so much credit, his shit is retarded.
  5. Honestly, the only freshman I like are Cool Kids. Asher has potential, but I don't think he'll be anything big. Drake will probably have the biggest career, but as of right now not really a fan of him.

    @ OP, I don't think Ya Boy should be on your snubbed list. Not cause he's a bad rapper, he's just been around for a few years.

    EDIT: Didn't realize Blu was a freshman... I put him over Cool Kids for the best.
  6. this coming from the guy who's on ya boys dick? go to sleep fam. people on cudi's dick not because of day and nite but cuz a kid named cudi was such a good ass mixtape. quit giving ya boy so much credit, HIS shit is retarded.

  7. xxl put currency on the list and hes been around for longer. ya boy been round since 05, maybe late 04. he was with game and bws for a while now hes doin his own thing called Precise Gang. the new mixtape mohawks and heavymetal should be droppin this month and its suppose to be his claim to fame. i rele hope he gets a deal and an album

    cool kids werent actually on the list. them and drake were part of my snubs. drake is taking over this year. i like to refer to it as the Drakeover instead of the Takeover haha
  8. If you're gonna say YB's been around since 05, then every rapper out has been around for more than a year. All these artists have mixtapes out, and they might do one song to get into the limelight on a national level. Ya Boy's not in the limelight yet, and doing the songs he's been making lately won't help. And I'm not on YB's dick, I'm saying he's the best thing smokin right now, comparing cudi and yb as artists is like comparing a Bentley to a miata.

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