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  1. i'm about to get some mercedes trip-stacks...they were like 20 per...any suggestions? (first timer)
  2. drink oj when you drop it and have water to keep hydrated, dont go exert yourself to much, and relax, really the mdma will relax you to a point that even the worst thing could be great, its fun as balls and remember if you start to feel a fast heart beat its probably normal and you shouldnt freak over it just relax but if a friend notices it and thinks its to fast then go to the hospital cause that shit could have some other shit like meth in it so be safe and know whats in the roll before you drop it
  3. Tripple stack is usually a gimmick to sell, 20 is high, but thats what I payed my first few times. You'll keep yourself hydrated, because you'll be thirsty, drink water and gatorade and stuf like that. Just go with the flow and have a good time. Im coming down from a roll right now. Just make sure you can trust your source... i never come across anything laced with anything bad, and chances are you won't either unless you go threw some shady sources.
  4. do it with alot of people... its boring as shit to roll if your not at a party or somewhere where you can be loud and dance.

    just so you know double/triple stacks are almost always just a lie to get you to pay more... but 20 isn't bad.

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