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  1. hey everyone i am going to be writing an essay about XTC and how it can be beneficial to our society. Does anyone have any good links showing statistics?
  2. How will statistics help prove that E is beneficial to society? lol

  3. Well one statistic said that 1 dose of Ecstasy is the equivalent to 6 months of therapy.
  4. I dont know about that specifically, but I do know in the early early years of MDMA it was used DURING couples and marriage therapy because of the openess and connection it brings. However it was outlawed due to widespread abuse.
  5. If i was you i would do my report on MDMA. People associate ecstasy with raves, sex and drugs (all good things, but not for a report ;)). Some studies have shown that MDMA can be helpful with Post Traumatic Stress Dissorder.

    Checkit: MDMA Research

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