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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokie McBlunts, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. Friday night for the first time i did E. I rolled nuts. I took 2 double stacked snoopies (???) whatever, they were big and holy shit. The best part about it is i was with kim. hehe that was fun.

  2. double stacked snoopies? haha!!!!

    tonight for the first time i did battle highbike jousting with tapdancing strippers, now that was some crazy shit.

  3. wha?

    snoopy got a lapdance by bikers with lances?
  4. E is measured in miligrams... people who say they're double or tripple stacked are just trying to make 'em sound better.

    it can be fun... but gets old quick
  5. kewl.... ive always wanted to try X, but its rare herre in Mesa, AZ... sucks.... anyways what was it like??? did u have fun???
  6. E's are a right laugh! dunno about this double/triple stacked shit, sounds like a sales trick to me. What do you get over there? My personal favorites have to be white mercedes or the classic mitzi. I think the first one I dropped was a white pony but after that I'm not sure cos I used to munch 'em like they were going out of fashion! afew rules for a good night-
    Know your supply, if the dealer is taking his own produce its hopefully ok. Get to know the dealer before buying, I dont mean a five minute chat but at least a few good nights out.
    Dont drink alchohol and pill!
    At least a small bottle of water per half hour if dancing, make sure you take a piss regularly!
    Always have chewing gum handy, gurn burn aint pretty.
    Make sure you got enough weed to smoke through your come down, makes it a lot easier!
    hope this lot helps, Have Fun

  7. good advice... 150ml of water (1 average sized bottle) an hour is the general rule of thumb... also, make sure to take breaks frequently if dancing and such, as E makes your body heat up... this is to ensure you don't overheat.

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