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    Hey blades,

    I have been reading about lucid dreaming and am determined to achieve it. I have been having very vivid dreams recently so I thought I would post the best 1 from each night on here. I have been having about 4 a night so it might get a little cramped if I shoved everyone in there.

    Note: They are pretty personal and I am just going to post whatever I dream to the best of my abilities.

    Title - story


    Snow princess – I put on samurai gear and explored the snowy terrain, it felt like a year or so until we found a group of old men with guns in the distance. They were aiming at a princess in an insane kimono, about to shoot. Then 3-4 Chinese (yes not japanese Oo) men walking past, I said hello and they respond with the same. We meet up with the snow princess and had dinner, it was very awkward, and the food was shit. Such as a tasteless soup with vegetables in it. I tried to say thank god you came but she got offended by the fact I said god, (for some reason) she reminded me of a old high school teacher.

    (some anxiety)


    Snow and wild - Went to a hybrid ‘wet and wild’ (water park) where you slide down the snow on the slides. There was hardly any snow and everyone was pissed off because it was the main attraction. I was with B (girl), (A and G my best friends), we saw C (girl) with some dude for a moment. (C had been my high school crush for many years) I then saw 2 moons and one shadow, I thought this isn't real... until A said it was the sun and the moon (I was about to hit lucidity) so I then reorganized my thoughts and believed A.


    Mysterious girl - I was in some land with houses and fairy tale streets, everyone was dressed up as characters, anime-esk feel. I wandered the streets and was very confused, I entered a house and met a girl. She was dressed strange, with a white Japanese fox type mask on and then suddenly disappeared. I continued to explore the house going up the steps and there she and I were. I was standing outside the bed and she was (as bad as this sounds on all fours but like, cutely looking at me) she had bayonetta-esk glasses on. She was kneeling on the bed (upstairs) and looking at me so I took my pants off and to my surprise she started to get my dick out. She started slowly very shallowly sucking my... yaknow. It was amazing, I felt like it would be over straight away, but I held it. This went on for a little while, I started to feel like I would wake up soon, I didn’t want it to end. I then grabbed her from behind and pulled her on top of me, she started kissing my cheek INTENSLY, without stopping. It wasn’t very pleasant but the rest of the embrace was. She was the most amazing looking girl I have ever seen (or thought of for that matter). She had very dark tanned skin and brown or so hair. (Not really my type of girl, I like more pale skin etc) Skinny and about my height, she seemed really nice and awesome.


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