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Xplicit's Secret Bowl Lighting Method

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Nov 21, 2002.

  1. About a month ago, it was brought up that u can light a bowl with a magnifying glass. That made me think, and its all about heat. Now wha I do is pack the bowl to the top, then spark my lighter above the bowl and inhale slowly so that the flame never touches the weed. Within 5 seconds, you'll start to get a lotta smoke, and your burning less weed.
  2. yeah that works.. it makes less of the thc burn away

    but this probably makes no sense, cuz i smoked bowls, and im coming up on my 1200mg of dex

    fuck i love weed
  3. it put my cat in a chokehold, so it would quit fucking headbutting me.

  4. Right on! I've used this method too and can testify that it works great!!
  5. yeah that is pretty cool, i still like the magnifying glass though, there is something about useing the sun, an essential to growing the bud, to destroy it that i really like. plus you are not inhaling any lighter fluid, the only problem is that it is strictly a fair weather method.
  6. Yeah iit is a bummer to taint something so beautiful with the foulness of lighter fluid.
  7. haha, solaring is the best. im comin home from my fucked up boarding school in like a couple days...if i make it that long (check out my post). my best freiend is sittin at home grounded off his ass with about an 1/8 of this purple shit we gonna solar. i cant wait. probably going to be the best smoking time ever. he jsut starting posting here and he will probably only do it for a little bit. hes got a hell of a story to tell, i hope he posts it one day. but hes gettin sent to rehab for absouletly no reason other than he wants to go. crazy huh? oh wel, peace.
  8. I checked out your post nucan. Things will work out. Keep the faith brother!!
  9. i tried that... keeping the flame off the buds... i did it this morning w/some kill ass danks... got me blasted. out of nowhere it's like insane hit and i'm coughing my ass off, lol. this is the way to go :)
  10. crazy huh, cuz u jus see a flame above a bowl, and then all of a sudden, a rush of smoke hits ya.
  11. well heat rises, and so when u hit it, as long as the flame is still going up, u're jus taking in heat, no gas. i call this ghost lighting since its like the flame never touches it and like an invisible source is lighting your poison.
  12. if someone kicked me in the head right now..i wouldnt know it.
  13. lmao namron! i love that feeling :) someone actually punched me in the face once (quite accidentially) and i didn't notice... i thought she just tapped me or something :D
  14. in my friends back yard it drops off about 2 feet down to a road..this dropoff is supported by assorted things, and has vines and such around the fence...well..he went to step off to cross the old dirt road, and his foot got caught on some hidden barb wire and he stretched out horizontally and fell down hard..and didnt even really notice cuz we had smoked like 4 bowls and three joints, and smoked a bowl from one of our bongs before that.

    but right now im breakin bread with mary.
  15. lmao... hope he wasn't hurt too badly w/the barbed wire...

    i've fallen a couple times 'cause i thought i was gonna fall off the world (the ground just suddenly turned straight up and down)... ended up laying at the bottom of a hill for like 15 minutes before i even realized i wan't walking anymore :)
  16. i fell out of bed once.




    ...i like cheese!

  18. ghosting is my by far best method of lighting. I will release a post later after I smoke on proper ghosting techniques.
  19. yes it is!!
  20. Holy shit this thread has been inactive for 8 years, this is like a time capsule or something.

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