Xperiment 4 BIG FUCK'N BUDS

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by agrarBG, May 12, 2004.

  1. I experiment and LOOK what i fount.If you try to keep your plant short and vast(fat) at the begining and when it's about 1,5-2 months ollder you force it it will make more FAT and BIG buds.What u think about it.And i want to find someone who likes to Xperiment lets THE GAME BEGIN to make marihuana crazy mAn.

    THE QESTION:how to make my plant taller after 2nd month?U know gove me something good.I want he eXplode.

    may be if i move the lights up and to put some bigger plates?

    think what you can make 4 meriwana not what it can make 4 ublablabla;)

    (excuse 4 my english)
  2. ^stoned^^^^^^^
  3. yip..........what your talking about is light supression, and it's not new.......i think i wrote about it here once as well, comes in handy for smaller grows, to help increase yield.........as for getting bigger buds, try a bloom booster, i use greenfuse, bud booter............Peace out.........Sid

  4. Wow, never knew someone could bastardize the word marijuana so bad... oh well

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