XO Jackpot..

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  1. Dude just dropped off

    90 white dolphins

    60 purple glocks/pistols

    and 60 yellow stars

    I ofcourse enjoy rolls so I will be testing each one :smoke:

    Also got his full script of xanax (60 1mg) and hydrocodone (90 7.5mg)

    Not all for me..I'll dab in a little. Gonna go shoppin next week though :D daddy needs a new wardrobe

  2. Don't have the USB cord for my phone :/ maybe if a homeboy comes over ill tell him to bring a cable. I aint lettin anyone else take pics with their phones.

    Only gonna have it a couple days max so..
  3. Pics man. We need pics.

  4. Damn man......Im very envious of you

    Have fun with those, and your monies

  5. I apologize. I knew people would demand pics but I havn't picked up like this in awhile so I wanted to post it up.

    I got people comin over soon, Ima see if one can bring a camera (gonna delete pics after ofcourse)

    I can tell ya what they look like if ya want lol picture those rolls...then picture a pile of them...enough to eat them in a bowl like cereal...

    I think that is now how I would kill myself. A bowl of xo's..fuck cheerios :smoke:

  6. i hope ur glocks are not outpressed and i hope your stars dont have eyes, they are pipes if not than woot grats:hello:
  7. wonder what your doing with that many...... doesn't take a rocket scientist..
  8. at first i thought this was going to be about XO rimme, but nice pick up man.
    not really into rolls anymore, never really enjoyed benzos but i'd enjoy those lortabs for sure, have fun man, stay safe!
  9. Sounds like an awesome pickup man.

  10. i got 4 words for you buddy


    he never said hes doing anything wrong with them so leave the guy alone he's happy about his pick up i would be too if I had that many rolls

  11. dude ... calm the fuck down Titsmcgee
  12. selling some drugs i see diceman? :smoking::smoking::cool:;):D

  13. Oh hell no..that shits illegal.

    I give them away. :)
  14. nice pickup man
    cant wait to see some pics

  15. haha. You are an outstanding model citizen;)

    id throw u some rep.. but i have out to much in the last 24 hours
  16. How'd this thread get so heated...and amazing pickup
  17. yo dude i believe you, u dont need pics. Word up to the fatty pickup, ive heard the yellow stars are equivalent to the pink ones, which are the bomb, ur in for a treat/.
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    I'm gonna try all 3 tomorrow I think. Unless of course 1 is really good.

    I don't normally get this much. Another guy was gonna buy a portion of them with me but he bailed and I said fuck it..still got the original amount. Not like it wont all come back eventually.

    I'm talkin about karma btw..payment in good karma :smoke:

    Oh and they're all in-pressed and no the stars are just plane. Kinda like a fat star...not straight lines but like a mario star or somethin


    (but no eyes..)
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    Wowzers that sounds like quite the stash you got there man! +rep Enjoy the rolls!

    (Glad they aren't Mario stars haha)

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