Xmen 3 - Final Stand

Discussion in 'General' started by NealCaffery, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Wow, this was a prettty sick movie, i just watched it tonight, i was all blitzed wit ma buddy:smoking: , we smoked a 4 gram blunt and went and watched it in the theatre..VERY good movie, i reccommend it if you havent seen it already..

    Have you seen it?
  2. yeah, i saw it, don't think i was blazed though, cool movie though, blazed now btw
  3. Im the juggernaut BITCH!!!
  4. lol, funny line. Can't believe that kid was hittin on kitty though when he's got that hott rogue
  5. hha, rogue is ugly as fuck. but The walk through walls girl was pretty hott, althought she looked 15
  6. That movie sucked a PHAT ONE. i saw it twice both times pretty high, the first time i fell asleep like 45 minutes in and the second time i wish i could had fallen asleep. oh and the second time i saw it my seat smelt like sex and ass. so it made my movie experiance even worse.
  7. damn man, i thought of it as the other way around :p, all though i don't like rogues texas accent much :p
  8. that movie was ok
    1. gambit shoulda been in it
    2. xmen were bein bitches they shoulda fucked up the humans
  9. I saw it with the wifey tonight, i thought it was alot better than expected.
  10. The real question is:

    Did you stay until after the credits for the final scene?
  11. yes...dear God don't make another one!
  12. that was a badass movie nice visual effects.
  13. Nah, why?

    And, Rogue is wayy hotter than Kitty, she looks like she's 12, my cat has bigger tits then she does..:bongin:
  14. Lol, what is it supposed to be? the extra scene that is
  15. *SPOILER*

    it was kinda gay...9buck$ for one big fight full of lackey mutants that got their asses kicked and a lackluster ending
  16. yeah it was awesome, MI:III is AMAZING too.
  17. It was pretty good..

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