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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Dec 11, 2002.

  1. somehow, i dont think xmas would have the same appeal, if...instead of santa coming into your home, and giving children presents...he cut off everyones head.
  2. yeah i dont think the kiddies would like that. i am still afraid of the guy. the funniest is the kid who leaks his pants on santa's lap. how cute.
  3. Wouldn't it be sick if you were a little kid sitting on Santa's lap and you felt a firm ilongated object stroking against your arse?
  4. are we having a twisted dimented out there contest?..cuz i get get twisted.
  5. imagine santa coming down the chimmny with thee fatest xmas buds ur eyes ever did see.

    or imagine coming down the stairs all sleepy eyed and witnessing santa hitting on ur 2 footer with an elf.

    imagine santa clause coming down the chimmy with 2 ho's following right behind. and all of the sudden they just start kissing each other.and get out the double ended!! shit wrong thread!!!!

    peace out im stoned
  6. i wanna smoke with a prolly wind up fuckin with them before it was over with though...give them a wedgy...hang em on a coat hanger or somethin..then leave....but come back with another sack...and smoke him out while hes hangin from the wall....blow shot guns in his face utnil he passes out...then give him some crackers...and put him on a leash..and walk around with him..but he would be laughing, cuz he is stoned as fuck...thats just funny shit...

    so again i ask, are we having a twisted dimented contest or what?..cuz i ccan go ..
  7. Hey Norm, ytou need to ask santa for a head job.......

    Wouldn't it be fucked up if santa was really GW Bush.

    And congress was his elves.


    Saddam was santa? They both start with the letter SSSSSSS

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