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XMas Tree Buds?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MagicGuy, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. I've smoked a lot of weed in my times, but last night I had some stuff from a good friend of mine who's also my dealer. He said it was christmas tree buds. I had never smoked it before, but I had heard of it a couple of times in the past. He gave me a gram of it and told me to roll a blunt with it. So, me and a couple of friends rolled a nice philly and started smoking it. Man, after the first time around I was already feeling a really nice head change. After the second turn, I was already high. It was really potent smelling and tasted amazing. And what's really rare about it - it made me cough a few times.

    So, I guess what I'm getting at is, has anyone else ever smoked this weed before? If you have, what have been your experiences with it? I'm just curious because this is a new type of weed for me, and I'm pretty damn excited about it! Very potent, very nice taste, and the high lasted a strong 4 hours at least. And that's after smoking one blunt between 3 people.

    Thanks guys...
  2. heeeyy i'd like some of that! sounds like wicked stuff:D!
  3. LOL IMMothership It must be going around more now or something. Definitely very good bud, and yes it does smell a lot like a xmas tree.
  4. we usually get a lot of out door around here this time of yea...of course.....

    its piney smelling tasting, dark green..... leafy,very loose nugs....

    but sticky as shit......

    sometimes its even a lil purpleish... i just think it happens to be good out door that has a piney taste, thats what i've always thought it to be anyway..... :)
  5. sounds a lot like a name somebody just made up. are you supposed to roll a blunt with a gram??
  6. What? Are you serious? A gram will actually roll a decent wrap, even a philly. Actully, a gram fits pretty nicely into a phil. We're talking a gram of nugs here, not regs. A gram of regs barely rolls a joint...
  7. Christmas tree buds are awesome...I haven't had them in a while, though.

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