Xmas presents

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  1. Well my cousin told me to pick out some new things for Christmas so I picked this

  2. Anyone else wanna post what they got?
  3. image-3476112189.jpg

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  4. Friends mom got it for him
  5. Damn! That pipe is straight af!
  6. And it hits like a dream the bowl is 1 inch deep by 1 inch wide
  7. Dude can you find out where exactly your friend's mom got that? I've actually seen something that looked EXACTLY like that in person, being sold alongside a bunch of other hand-carved wooden pieces... I bought a different wood piece but my parents smashed it when I still lived at home, and the store I bought it from no longer carries any pipes like it, so if you could tell me where i could pick one up i'd be really grateful.
  8. A store in Bismarck. I know u can order on offline

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