XL Grow Tent - How many plants fit in this?

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    Hi guys me and my buddy are gunna half the payment for one of these babies, question is how many plants can we fit in there? I was hoping to grow about 6-8 plants before taking any males out.
    Here is the spec and a link for the grow tent:


    The Budbox XL measures 120cm x 120cm x 200cm. Features include:-
    • 200mm/8" top vent
    • 200mm/8" bottom vent
    • Top and bottom closable cable holes
    • Fully sealed, totally waterproof, removable floor cover
    • Flame retardant material
    • High strength zips - will last for years
    • Totally light proof material - now the most light proof tent on the market
    • Extra flaps around zips to ensure further light proofing
    • Comes complete with storage bag
    The Budbox XL can be used with up to 1000W of light. As with all the other new tents in the Budbox, the new range of shelving gives you the ability to use the tent for one purpose one day, and then change to another use the following day.

    I was looking at using 3 of these CFL Dual Spectrum (250watt) bulbs.

    Will I be able to sucessfuly grow about 6 female plants in this tent and with these bulbs?

    Thanks for your time and help.
  2. For what you're talking about I probably wouldn't do more than 4, but if you SOG you can grow up to 16 plants in a 4x4 area, and if you do it right, can get up to 2 lbs.
  3. That was the amount of smoke I was looking to achieve but 16 plants will require alot more lighting than I can afford, I think I will try to just grow 4-6 plants, first time grow anyway so it will be easier than looking after 16 plants for my first time grow.
  4. Ya for your first grow it's probably not a bad idea to do just 4, then once you feel comfortable with that, move on to more advanced techniques.

    I know the slow and easy works best for some people. I've always been a jump right in kind of guy

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